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  1. All orders are up to date, and shipped out. If you don't get it by Friday please let me know. I'm still trying to retreive all the currupted e-mails, and return them. Sorry again for any delays. Tight lines, and screaming reels. Carl
  2. Sorry for any delays to your orders. My computor was hacked into again. I'm in the prosses of getting everything back in order. Any, and all outstanding orders will ship out on Monday. My e-mail is now working again and my Cell # is 516two42437zero. sorry again for any delays. Carl
  3. That Barbi car would make a great powered kayak cart.
  4. I found the tires new for $932. I can offer you $600 picked up, or $700 delivered to L.I,N.Y.. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO (On-/Off-Road All-Terrain) "Reviewer's Average Rating" is based on reviews submitted by customers via our Online Tire Survey. "N/A" denotes a tire that has not yet received enough reviews to generate an average rating.8.2Reviewer's Avg. Rating: Special Offer: Buy a set of four and get a $50 value rebate. Size: 305/70R16 Sidewall Style: Raised White Letters Serv. Desc: 124/121RLoad Index 124 = 3580lbs (1627kg) per tire Load Index 121 = 3267lbs (1485kg) per tire Speed Rating "R" = 106mph (170kph) Load Range: EMax Load = 3,525 lbs Max psi = 65 psi UTQG: Not required for this tire.NonePrice: $233.00 (each) Estimated Availability: In Stock Qty: 12345678Road Hazard Program is not available for LT metric/flotation tires Set of 4: $932.00 Add To Cart Shipping QuoteAdd To Wish List
  5. I'm intrested in the tires. What is your location? Did you get road hazard insurance, and is it transferable?
  6. I will vouch for him If it's not as good as he say's its better. He takes very good care of his equiptment. I bought his tandem over the summer.
  7. I'll take the 1201l, and 1321l at asking price if still available. Can pick pick up in S.I. please send me your paypal info. Tight lines. Carl
  8. Denis, Tim, and I hit the water around 7pm last night. It was a slow pic for them, but I managed a good # of fish. I had about 8 bass, 4 porgies, and a 35" blue. This blue was an acrabat. It danced accross the top of the water. Launched it self out of the water a few times, and just about landed in the yak. Close enuff to get me soaked, and kick my feet to fend it off. When Denis got his first fish of the night. The reel was screaming run after run. A Monster 44" Bass on a 15" dark wine tube. Wow it was big, and I would say it was over 30lbs. He also had another 33" bass soon after. Tim also hooked into a keeper at 31" I think. Great night with some great guys. . [img=] [img=]
  9. I just picked up a Puma 12 volt compressor. It has a 1 gal tank, 150 max psi with a 135 psi working presure, and 3.4 cfm. I will try, and get it mounted this weekend, and give it a good testing. At just over $230, and good reveiws.
  10. I use two to three ballbearing swivels/snap swivel. depending on if I 'm using a keel. On a day clear of any seaweed. you could get away with a single swivel, but I there is any type of weed out there you have a good chance at getting fouled up. Besides I don't think the fish mind them. If by chance I do get all twisted up I just twist the tube in the oposite direction. This will undo all the twist in your line. Remember the tube spins constantly for miles at a time. Make sure your swivels are clean, and lubed. Wipe all excess lube off before heading out. Live sandworm is key. Keep the drag set on the tight side, Leave the rod in the holder till the fish hooks itself. There is no need to set the hook. Hold on they hit hard. Tight lines and screaming reels. Carl
  11. I put mine in the center rod holder in my crate behind me. Out of the way there. Just make sure the light is above your head for a 360* veiw.
  12. The big W has a nice drybox at a very resonable price.
  13. I'll take it, just need to get one of my buddies to pick it up. Pm Me your payment info. Thanks, and tight lines. Carl