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  1. If you want to do $235 cash I’d do that. Don’t want to let it go for any less.
  2. Let me mull over that for a bit. Not sure I’d want to let it go for that.
  3. Ok…so there’s 2 more inches of room until the top where the flap would fold over…however…. The bucktail slots are also level with the present tubes
  4. I’m going to double check when I get home, but for right now I’ll say yes. When you open the flap the tubes are not right at the top.
  5. I have this 3 tube ebbpoint. 7” tall x3” glow in the dark tubes. Removable front pouch. Belt loops on back. Bucktail slots in main compartment, none in pouch. I don’t think it’s ever been used. $250 cash picked up ocean county nj or $265 PayPal shipped.
  6. Ok no problem, just let me know soon. There’s another post a few down where a guys looking for one as well. Not going to offer it there until I heard back from you though.
  7. Tubes are 7” tall x 3” wide looking for $250 cash picked up (ocean county NJ) or $265 shipped PayPal. I don’t see any signs of use.
  8. I have a like new (may have been never used) ebbpoint 3 tube. It’s black with glow in the dark tubes. Bucktail slots on the inside with removable front pouch (no bucktail slots in the pouch). If this sounds like something you may be interested in I will get you pictures.
  9. I appreciate the offer but I’m going to try and find the 10’6. Thank you though.
  10. Bump
  11. Looking for that rod, well used is fine as long as nothing is broken. Pick up close to ocean county nj or price shipped, thanks.
  12. I’ll take this
  13. I should read things more carefully
  14. ……I won??
  15. $110