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  1. I was surprised how wrong the forecast was. Found some fish in the Hyannis area, small pods, quick feeds.
  2. To be considered a give-way vessel, it needs both underway (not anchored) and make way (steerable). Otherwise, it is not a give-way vessel and port/starboard rules do not apply.
  3. "Your first million is free!" -- this is a lie. You are "free" to pay 5%, like everyone else. How about the other way? Everybody has the same access to the resources, infrastructure, services, etc. Why not just pay $1,000 per person (or $10,000 or whatever)? That would be fair, no? People who make more money, they already pay more taxes. Government will spend/waste every last dollar, no matter how much we give it.
  4. I saw a bunch around 6pm. They went pretty high overhead, I'd say 80° or so. Was almost impossible (for me) to see them with a naked eye. I had to use night vision to pick them off a hazy skies.
  5. Ice is never gets thick here. No problem to cut 15-20 holes with a hand auger. But can you imagine being this guy:
  6. Most people's basements are probably more radioactive than that.
  7. I sent my boat registration papers to the Springfield office on Tuesday, got it back in the mail on Friday. Boston usually takes longer because everyone sends to Boston.
  8. Once I was duck hunting on Sudbury River and that one mallard fell into the lily pads on the other side of the river. Before I could get to it, there was some commotion nearby and, a few seconds later, the duck got pulled down under the water, never to be seen again. I'm pretty sure it was very dead by then.
  9. I use this stuff with a good success:
  10. @The BuzzardsBayBruin nice catch! What make/model of the boat? I like the layout.
  11. Small sabikis (that look like krill) seem to work OK for sea herring.
  12. Sorry to hear. Karma will catch up to them sooner or later.
  13. Every spring my cat kills about dozen of neighborhood chipmunks. Then he loses interest....moves on to rabbits...
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agence_France-Presse
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