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  1. I think most (all?) smelt camps are closed for the season now. The season was much better than last year and a few before that.
  2. Intermittent / loose connection somewhere. Forgot to attach back one of the battery cables. Corroded wires. Battery not charging.
  3. That would be great. April 1st. I can't wait!
  4. Donno if they could reliably spot a person or even a car from a helicopter. But sure a good excuse for spending a couple of hours flying in the sky.
  5. Nice! What kind of bait, sea worms?
  6. Not much was happening at SW corner. Around 20 boats, most fishing live baits. Only saw one boat to hook up. All tuna is in the bay. Crazy # of dolphins too.
  7. Nice! Went last Thursday but it was already too rough out there. Did not make it too far, turned around, pulled the boat back on the trailer and drove to BBay to fish for blues...
  8. I think the water it is too warm in Buzzards Bay.
  9. Did run from Westport to Nomans and also poked around the islands on Friday. Haven't seen any. Plenty of large Sea Bass. Also saw some Blues but not many. Not a lot of birds either, they must be somewhere else.
  10. It was ­­±80° all over Buzzards Bay this AM. Could be my temp sensor is broken, but the water felt very warm indeed.
  11. Depends more on a drag setting than a reel size / line capacity. I have set mine at around 7-10 lb, they don't go too far, 50-75 yards, maybe?
  12. Looks great!
  13. Good job cutting meat off the rib cage. Mine usually does not look that nice. I also liked the tip about cutting the tail off first, I should try that next time.
  14. Great report and pictures. The fish are in and biting, I'm excited, hope I'll get there soon.
  15. Nice! Thanks for the report, captain!
  16. The simple solution: let the commercials decide among themselves how many days they fish, what are the daily/weekly limits (if any), if they want to monitor each other (or not), how many coverage is enough, etc., etc. But here is a "catch": as soon as the total target biomass is below 50% -- the whole commercial fishery shuts down until the fish recovers back to 50% or more.
  17. The existence of male/female divisions is the acknowledgement that they are different. Some sports started as male-only competitions that emphasize male-associated traits, so men do better in these. Females are generally do better in sports like gymnastics, dance, ice skating, horseback riding, etc. For some sports like shooting or fishing it is more of a gender preference, there seem to be no distinct advantage. Now, to let a transgender person to compete in their new gender division is the decision of that respective governing body (federation, association, etc.). If they decide that the opponent is at disadvantage, then they should not allow that. I say, just create two more divisions, why not?
  18. Yes. I got a hexa-header of legal black sea bass. All safely released. Sorry for the crappy phone pic.
  19. Cleveland Ledge today. This is 30" marine cooler. Most fish is around 14"-16".
  20. Got four rainbows between two of us.
  21. Not really. Squid spawns year around. Also, I think they die after spawning.