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  1. On the bottom? Or suspended?
  2. There is a police boat guarding them.
  3. All things considered, today was a very warm day. This one fell for a white curly tail...
  4. Nice fish! Congratulations!
  5. The fish flipped over as I was going to take a pic, but I said to myself, what the heck, I'm not going to stage that shot :-) It was out of the water for ~30 seconds, released unharmed. My first open water outing this year, was excited to get the bite. The hard water season was not great, but still managed to get some fish through the ice.
  6. Then again, why not just go to Federal Reserve Bank and help yourself?
  7. Went to Leighton's smelt camp with a few friends to fish the midday tide break. It was -10­­° when we left Central Mass. There were about 7 shacks on the ice, all the same size, extra small. Squeezed in pretty tight, wood stove in the back, I liked Riverbend's shacks better. Things were pretty slow for the first couple of hours, then started to pick up halfway through the incoming tide. I took a fishfinder with me, the depth was 5.1' when we started fishing and by the time we left it was 11.4' or so. All in all, it was a good day, caught about 3 gal. of smelt between four of us. Probably could have gotten our limits if we were fishing more and drinking less :-)
  8. Parts of Sudbury river are frozen bank-to-bank, haven't seen that in a while...
  9. Counted about 60 of them....
  10. Section 129C allows: (m) The temporary holding, handling or firing of a firearm for examination, trial or instruction in the presence of a holder of a license to carry firearms, or the temporary holding, handling or firing of a rifle or shotgun for examination, trial or instruction in the presence of a holder of a firearm identification card, or where such holding, handling or firing is for a lawful purpose;
  11. Pheasants for me.
  12. Donno. I have a bunch of different small lures. Tried about a dozen. White, brown and pink worked for me that day. I also have a small Crippled Herring jig that looks *exactly* as a peanut bunker. Tried for about 20 minutes, could not get a bite on that, switched to a brown Zoom fluke and got tight on the next cast....
  13. I almost got spooled this weekend. And my drag is set up pretty tight. Got a hit on a pink Spro jig, next thing I know, 50 yds of line are gone, had to crank it down a few clicks, then another 50 yds are gone, and I only have 180 or so, so added a few more clicks, the fish finally stopped and I started to gain the line back, little by little, a couple of more runs, but not too far, started to think I'm winning that fight. But alas, after about 5 min in, the distressed braid line broke off close to the leader and the fish swam free... Great fight, got my heartbeat pumping. Re-tied a new leader and I'm back in business in no time (actually, took a couple of mins :-). Got a couple of more hooks pulled, so ended up 3/6, not great but good enough.
  14. Went out of Bass River, fished the south side from Hyannis to Falmouth. Found Bluefish in many places, from just off the beach to about a mile out. Probably some albies/bonito in the mix but we did not get any.
  15. Crazy. Good job Captain.
  16. Looks like Striped Bass is still open, at 79.4% now.