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  1. knot doesn't work for me It always breaks at the point where main line coils meet leader coils. I use bimini twist (main) to worm knot (leader) now. That seems to hold really well...
  2. Fished CCB side late morning for about 2.5 hours. Weather was overcast and breezy, but not too cold with seas up to 2 feet. Decent number of sand eels pods, about 5" long. Jigging soft plastic and trolling deep diving plugs produced stripers in 35" range. Saw a bunch of people trolling and a few casting/live lining. Also there was a commercial fishing boat (seiner ?) in a mix. I guess squid fisher. Trolling guys seemed to be doing ok. Birds were working bait, but little to none top water action. Could have been good early in the morning, but I took my sweet time, woke up at 7 AM, ate breakfast, wrote some emails, etc. Overall, nice morning. Not many people, the weather was good and fishing too. :-)
  3. That's a few miles offshore, so I wouldn't go there in a kayak. Barnstable Harbor seems like a good place for a kayak. I went there a couple of weeks ago. Tons of sand eels and the action was good too.
  4. Very nice photos. Congratulations!
  5. There is a small free parking lot right on the island. Should be no problem at this time of the year. Otherwise, park on mainland side at the entrance, across from the restaurant, also free. Haven't had any problems for about 10 years that I go there.
  6. Cool. Thanks Ditch Jigger and striper51! I had no either.
  7. Caught some fish a few weeks ago at my local lake off of Sudbury River that I have never seen before (that's unexpected to me, heh :-). Anyone know what it is?