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  1. My cat likes both.
  2. Sometimes I also see a red / ginger ones.
  3. Found a federal rules page (copy/search): Federal Recreational Fisheries Regulations for the Greater Atlantic Region Updated May 1, 2018
  4. Much bigger factors are the destruction of habitat, pollution, by-catch and a luck of forage. Rod and reel fishing -- not so. Make a separate license to fish the Canal and use that money to pay for the 24/7 law enforcement.
  5. archery talk .com
  6. Haven't had much luck fishing the early ice for the last few years. So, not sure if I want to go. Maybe when the deer / geese season is over....
  7. I'm not a lawyer, but I think you can hunt with someone else's gun provided that you have an appropriate hunting licence and an owner is with you / nearby. M.G.L. Ch. 140 Sec. 129C: (m) The temporary holding, handling or firing of a firearm for examination, trial or instruction in the presence of a holder of a license to carry firearms, or the temporary holding, handling or firing of a rifle or shotgun for examination, trial or instruction in the presence of a holder of a firearm identification card, or where such holding, handling or firing is for a lawful purpose;
  8. Fished on 2" dozens of times. Wear flotation clothes or vest. Take ice awls just in case. Or go with a buddy.
  9. Nice catch! Congrats!
  10. What kills striped bass the most is the destruction of habitat, pollution, by-catch and a luck of forage. Recreational and commercial rod and reel fishing plays its part, but it is not a deciding factor.
  11. Stripers are taking over a world famous Atlantic salmon river, camp owners say. The Miramichi is a legendary Atlantic salmon river, and has long attracted salmon enthusiasts from the U.S. and around the world. <snip> Here are the measures that camp owners are seeking: — Keep the striped bass fishery open from April 15 until Oct. 15 in non-tidal water and until Oct. 31 in tidal water. — Increase the daily bag limit on stripers to six fish, and allow anglers to keep two days worth of their possession limit at any one time. — Allow anglers to keep any stripers longer than 19.5 inches. — Work with First Nations to allow them an unlimited catch of striped bass in their nets and allow them to commercially sell the fish. — Allow anglers to keep stripers of any size in freshwater. Longtime Miramichi guide Mervin Green said the arrival of stripers in certain parts of the river is unprecedented. Striper Bass is in trouble, you say?
  12. 1. If people can catch a big bass without spending $1000's by using Kmart outfits or even hand lines for that matter, that is great, more power to them. For many of them this is once in a year/lifetime opportunity. Isn't that what "common wealth" is all about? 2. If you don't like how the CURRENT FISHING LAWS are enforced, write or call your representative or EPO director Col. James McGinn. 3. Consider that even if 1000 people come to fish the canal and every one of them keeps a 30 lbs. bass, that is still only a 1/800000 of the yearly striped bass harvest (*), or 0.000125% (*) In 2016, total Atlantic striped bass removals (i.e., commercial and recreational harvest plus dead discards, excluding harvest of the Albemarle‐Roanoke stock from internal coastal waters of North Carolina) was estimated at 3.58 million fish, which is a 19% increase relative to 2015. Total striped bass harvest in 2016 is estimated at 2.14 million fish or 24.7 million pounds. The recreational fishery harvested 1.52 million fish (19.9 million pounds) in 2016, while the commercial fishery harvested 614,469 fish (4.82 million pounds). Dead discards from the recreational and commercial fisheries are estimated at 1.04 million fish and 404,815 fish, respectively.
  13. Today's morning: Not as many people as I have expected, I'd say regular morning tide crowds. Saw a bunch of mackerel, a few fish breaking. Fishing overall was good, but not great. Beats work any day that ends in "y".
  14. Sounds like a great day on the water. Thanks for the report!
  15. Pretty slow morning on the west side. Started fishing around 5 am and stayed till about 8. Only saw about a dozen or so guys fishing, did not see anyone catching anything. Home by 10 am, back to the grind.