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  1. I was surprised how wrong the forecast was. Found some fish in the Hyannis area, small pods, quick feeds.
  2. To be considered a give-way vessel, it needs both underway (not anchored) and make way (steerable). Otherwise, it is not a give-way vessel and port/starboard rules do not apply.
  3. "Your first million is free!" -- this is a lie. You are "free" to pay 5%, like everyone else. How about the other way? Everybody has the same access to the resources, infrastructure, services, etc. Why not just pay $1,000 per person (or $10,000 or whatever)? That would be fair, no? People who make more money, they already pay more taxes. Government will spend/waste every last dollar, no matter how much we give it.
  4. I saw a bunch around 6pm. They went pretty high overhead, I'd say 80° or so. Was almost impossible (for me) to see them with a naked eye. I had to use night vision to pick them off a hazy skies.
  5. Ice is never gets thick here. No problem to cut 15-20 holes with a hand auger. But can you imagine being this guy:
  6. Most people's basements are probably more radioactive than that.
  7. I sent my boat registration papers to the Springfield office on Tuesday, got it back in the mail on Friday. Boston usually takes longer because everyone sends to Boston.
  8. Once I was duck hunting on Sudbury River and that one mallard fell into the lily pads on the other side of the river. Before I could get to it, there was some commotion nearby and, a few seconds later, the duck got pulled down under the water, never to be seen again. I'm pretty sure it was very dead by then.
  9. I use this stuff with a good success:
  10. @The BuzzardsBayBruin nice catch! What make/model of the boat? I like the layout.
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