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  1. Are you still interested, still have nor received payment
  2. Venetian Waterproof Jacket This waterproof and windproof surf jacket made with durable, breathable and lightweight 100% knitted nylon is best for all types of outdoor activities. The super glide neoprene gaskets around the neck, waist, and wrist keep you dry in all conditions. Mesh zipped pocket at the front provides lots of storage room. Adjustable storm hood, velcro adjustable belts on waists, with large width neoprene belt running aruond the entire waist make this the most comfortable, best protective outfit for sporting enthusiasts on both breezzy and stormy weather. Size: L This is a great surf or kayak jacket The cheapest online price I see for this jacket is $139 Will take $75
  3. When it comes to a youth division I think it a nice idea but we tried it one year and only had a couple kids join. I am open to try it again.
  4. Just an update here, we have been in some talks with the park and as much as I want to see night fishing added to the competition it will not work. Of course that is not going to stop me from doing some night fishing One thing that looks like will be different this year is the competition will be both Saturday and Sunday, not exactly sure but say from Sat morning at sun up to Sunday at noon. We have some more ideas for making it more of an event with seminars demo's. I think you are going to see a much bigger and better event this! I am VERY open to any suggestions - so fire away
  5. I am trying to get rid of some gear - I really dont want to trade. Thanks though
  6. This is in great shape (could be sold for new actually) and used like 10 times. It is the 2 piece spinner and it is the light one which is 1 - 3oz rated. 200$ and I cover the shipping
  7. Done! My paypal is joey2509@aol.com
  8. Rod is like brand new. It is the 2 pcs.
  9. Rod is in good shape, it is the 1 to 3oz model in 11". $175 take it
  10. I am not exactly sure what kind of fishing you are talking about doing but if you looking for a kayak that is the best platform for standing and fishing - it is. If you dont think that standing is going to be that important than you might get enough out of it.
  11. I will going next week, any ideas on what kinda surf action I can find? also thinking about bringing up the kayak. Any thoughts?
  12. I will going next week, any ideas on what kinda surf action I can find? also thinking about bringing up the kayak. Any thoughts?
  13. I will email Tim and ask if I can put the link up here, I guess I should have done that first Anyway the prizes for the event are really growing, right now its 2 Kayaks, 1 temple fork fly rod,1 Thomas and Thomas Fly Rod, 1 Lowrance Depthfinder, 6 rod and reel outfits, 1 Gul Dry Top, 1 carbon fiber paddle and I am sure there will be a lot more. May 15th is prime in J-Bay so the fishing should be great. Most important is that proceeds for this tournament are going to worthy groups protcting our water and you entry fee is a tax right off.