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  1. very interested @ asking price. waiting to hear back from rod builder this afternoon. will possibly be going on 11' 2-6 but deciding between 250 and this vs300. just want to make my interest known, I should know by this afternoon. ty.
  2. if this falls through will do $40 p/u on lbi after weekend thanks
  3. Will take BM SS NB lot. If you are willing to split and seed wants BM I’d be willing to take just SS and NB. If he doesn’t I’ll still do all 3. Just want to give seed his shot. Thanks
  4. Ok ty for clarifying. I’ll have to pass and save us both on shipping $$. GLWS and good luck this fall
  5. No Thankyou in offer or no not common colors?
  6. Still for sale? Unless I’m mistaken but are these commonly available colors? Will respectfully offer $60
  7. “Catch-and-release fishing could cause fish to experience a 35 percent reduction in their ability to feed.” Headline from Newsweek. I’m sure same study. While interesting, a DEAD fish has a “100 percent reduction in their ability to feed.” Just saying.
  8. Recently picked up a Lami GSB 8’ 3/8-2. I know not a 9’er but it is most definitely “surf” styled. Casts well up to 2 but 2 is max. Casts the lightest buck tails and bombers I ever use. Have not had a fish of any size yet but I’m confident it can handle it. Paired it with VR50. Treated myself. Awesome combo. Have it for schoolies/beach fluke/albies.
  9. Out back OC for the outgoing. 2330- 0300. Threw the bag. Skunk-o.
  10. OC last two am. Dismal effort but can say I tried. Not a thing on top water despite great looking water. Mullet everywhere with some at my feet. Skunker.
  11. Thank you but Going to go with redfish offer. $65 is at the top of my price range right now. I’ll do $65 shipped with power handle
  12. Not to hijack but is reel still available. Posted wtb earlier today
  13. Just as the title says. LH retrieve. Good condition. Thanks.
  14. I have to watch out when I say “going fishing” around her.