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  1. Looking for a spare VS200 spool in black. TY
  2. I’ll take them for $135. I’m in South Amboy
  3. Interested in the smaller case and 1 box of decoys. Willing to make that split?
  4. Not sure if videos can be viewed. She’s no speed demon. Not a planing hull but that’s not what she was built for. Always got me home safe. 9F0D93D2-F8B7-4771-B0E0-0D450DAC2292.MOV 4C3C6078-F77C-40DF-97A5-D33513B3082D.MOV
  5. Hi, I have a BB sneak box I am considering selling due to space/trailer constraints. It is a cedar with fiberglass skin boat that was restored several years ago by a gentleman in Tuckerton. During restoration the centerboard was removed and closed up. I don’t know the original builder but it is an older true displacement/spoon hull. Have hunted it and had it out in snotty bay chop and it is seaworthy. Also still have the 6hp I used off the kicker plate. It has the decoy boards, cockpit cover and spray skirt. I will be upfront and say that it has sat dry for two years but upside down and covered. I absolutely loved to hunt it but again I don’t have the space or trailer. Would love to see it go to a good home and willing to discuss all offers. Want to see it used! Please see pics.
  6. What size reel did it have on there? A 150 would make for a very light beachfront setup
  7. Ok. Let’s do trade. PM in am. Ty SOL
  8. Not a good fit for me. Bail + fast retrieve. Like the slower vs100. Not entertaining this No sorry, specifically looking for Vs100 Interested if we can do straight trade. Bag or box doesn’t bother me. 8.5/10 mechanical does however. When was it last serviced? Why 8.5? Thanks.
  9. Looking to trade or sell for VS100 black. VR50 is <1 year old. 10/10 cosmetic. 10/10 mechanical. $460 firm. Great price. Would really prefer to find a trade out there since it is on back bay rod. Thankyou for interest.
  10. Rhino, It is a Tsunami Airwave Elite 1062MH. 3/4-3. Never cast a line. $150 for local exchange.
  11. 1 pc. or 2? I have new never fished Tsunami Airwave Elite 10'6 70/30 split and slightly loved 11' 1pc. Lamiglas 2-6 ive used to throw down to 1 oz. Ill check Airwave specs when i get home if youre interested. Specs are in your wheelhouse though. Either way good luck w search
  12. Is the barrier proposed absolute or semipermeable? Would an absolute barrier cause increased erosion to the adjacent landmass/beaches since the water would search for another path of least resistanance? If so are they then simply rely on beach replenishment to counteract this?
  13. Will you consider partial trade with VR50?
  14. very interested @ asking price. waiting to hear back from rod builder this afternoon. will possibly be going on 11' 2-6 but deciding between 250 and this vs300. just want to make my interest known, I should know by this afternoon. ty.
  15. if this falls through will do $40 p/u on lbi after weekend thanks