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  1. Haha! Don't feel overwhelmed! There is a lot of good information here. Most of us have seen or fished all kinds of different custom plugs some fancy, some maybe not so fancy...they all work. It's important to narrow down your arsenal to plugs that you have success with, and that you will regularly fish. Beachmaster Atom40's are great, but they cost a pretty penny. Put up a WTB thread for old original Atom40's, and JR's. They are great plugs, not many colors to choose from, but they're cheap and they work great, and they are also the best plug to put an eelskin on (IMO). There are no right answers in this sport. Experiment, and experience is the best way to crack the code.
  2. Will you take anything in trade? Or perhaps some cash and some plugs?
  3. A lot of good answers here. Based on my experience, there is one plug that I never hit the water without....a white Atom40. I prefer the old plastic ones, which you can quite easily conjure up in the BST forum. The modern custom Atom40's work just as well. These are pretty big coming in normally at 3-3.5oz. I bring this plug EVERYWHERE...river mouths, open beaches, rocks, etc. Big fish, small fish....Perhaps it's just a good luck charm for me
  4. ^^^I'll second that^^^ Another great alternative are Fiskars. I have several pairs, and on of them are more than 10 years old. They work just as well today as they did when I bought them. You can find them in the sewing isle of any craft store for under $20, and in many sizes and varieties.
  5. True! Wool is a great material. I wish it were more available. 100% wool is getting harder and harder to find. I have noticed alpaca gaining popularity and availability. Anyone ever try it??
  6. Sorry so late to reply. Just seeing this now. You got the Greenpoint. PM coming.
  7. sorry...Paypal please. Need to build some funds in the account.
  8. New Greenpoint 8" school bus- $35 SOLD Test swam, 69 8" darter (it's a monster), blk/prpl- $35 Used, ligtly...Tattoo darter, the larger size- $20 SOLD New, Afterhours small needle- $28 SOLD (Redfin not available. Used in photo for scale.) Prices include shipping. Paypal only please. Will combine shipping for multiple plugs. [img=
  9. If you're dry fly fishing, which it sounds like you are, I would fish two flies. I do this often when I have to fish small flies. My vision is pretty bad. I'll usually fish a bigger, bushy fly up front, and then tie my small fly off the back of it. And don't be afraid to tie on a third. Use the bigger fly just as an indicator, or sighter. I use a larger griffith's gnat in maybe a 16 or 18. It's a universal fly that is easy to see, and it often produces strikes. It's an effective fly just about any time of year. But basically you're using the griffith's gnat just to have an idea of where you smaller flies are.
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