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  1. The floor-- the "Boner floor"-- is yours!
  2. Terrie I know spaces between easy lines confuses you... I bet so do Traffic & Parking signs... right?
  3. Better that, than with his Rogue Boner (because, no female wants it!
  4. Sorry! Carry on... hands-on! More "scary wit..." That's why I'm "afraid" of the Tavern & rarely venture in-- Terrie might attack me with his wit!
  5. WHO here isn't ugly/ unshaven... the early AM when they're seeking Cow Bass! Terrie Mae looks like Justin Timberlake when fishing... I'm sure!
  6. Like I said... scary wit! Enjoy guys!
  7. And HOW do you know the Browns GM, isn't a rogueboner? Are the Giants trying/ exploring this? ... (quietly I hope-- let's not upset the baby/ "blonde prima-donna!")
  8. Terrie Mae has never seen my face... but he's hoping it's ugly (like, his?) OK, guys-- enjoy this "deep" thread!
  9. Terrie Mae thinks I'm afraid of his "scary wit" in the Tavern! Yes, I'm sure to cretins like CSJ, doing what TimS asks constitutes being a "bitch" (Gangsta rules... here?
  10. Can we get back to the important topic-- getting a "Rogue Boner..." Personally... I've never discussed that with other men, before here!
  11. Inside the Tavern... my impression is that there is no "boss!" Outside the Tavern-- TimS insists I tell him, when Tavern crap enters the main. His insistence! (I prefer to answer myself... like, here!
  12. CSJ... I noticed you took down that other Mentally Ill older Avatar... After I asked about it / pointed it out! Your new one... well... you know this is a fishing website... right?
  13. Great song... but aren't there rules here about making up quotes? Something, I never have to do to make any of MY points here!
  14. Real Rogue Waves-- the ones you just asked about on the Main... ...are way more scary/ dangerous/ painful! (Most times, anyway!
  15. I've asked this here before... What exactly is wrong with a Rogue Boner?