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  1. Thanks guys this is all great info!
  2. I have been fishing all my life, about 20 years, mostly in tidal rivers. The passed 2 or so years i have been trying to transition to the surf. Been putting in my time (2+ nights a week) and doing alot of research on this site and from different books. Unfortunately i have not been catching that well, a few fish here and there but with no regularity. I have been mostly fishing needles, dannies, and bombers. Not looking for anything specific, but would like some advise on improving my catch rate. Thanks, silvertide
  3. Fished NoMoCo 2 days ago with chunks before dark. nothing
  4. nice fish!
  5. im in thank you
  6. Ive been Fly fishing for about a year now with some equipment that was givin to me by a friend, and lets just say its not cutting it. I really want to get serious, so i want to get some better gear. Im only 16 so money is pretty tight, but ive saved about 450 dollars. I'd really appreciate any sugustions you guys might have on a good rod and reel. I fish in the Point Pleasant area mostly in the river right now but i want to fish the surf more. Thanks silvertide
  7. I'm in
  8. fries
  9. Its in a different language but stick with it its worth it!!! **edited - I removed the link as the website it was on attempted to access my PC, when I blocked that access, it crashed and shut down IE7 -- TimS
  10. Yes they do. i have only caught hickory shad here. Fish for them with sibiki rigs! fish at night during the summer
  11. June 24, 2007 ant 4:43 pm
  12. ill be out on sunday- sharkriver
  13. Sea Slug caught it jiging for pollack. gave of some white jizz the stuck to everything and wouldnt come off...
  14. Check out this video of comercial fishermen in Japan... Friend of mine just showed it to me... Tell me what you think!!!
  15. I got a Big Dons, mc fadden,and a wrist rocket!!