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  1. I noticed that the top water pencil poppers and little neck style poppers by Yo-Zuri, Daiwa, and Tsunami. They don’nt have the middle hook on a swivel. On top water plugs does this make a difference? Does the middle hook on a swivel help keep a fish on?
  2. I’m looking into buying a Penn Spinfisher SSVI 6500. Which model should I get? The loncast LC version or the standard one? Which is better for most surf fishing?
  3. I use a 9 ft medium action Cousins Bill Varney surf spinning rod. It is the only rod designed specially for surf perch, croakers, and corbina. I also have three other 8’6-8’8 medium action spinning rods for surf fishing. I use a 2500 size Shimano or Daiwa spinning reel with 6 lb line. This is what I use with the Carolina rig. Daiwa is now making a saltist inshore rod in medium action with a 9ft length that interests me.
  4. I have fished there for years. It's a very popular place for bank and kayak fisherman. In the fall you can get Striped bass boiling on the surface.
  5. I use it. It's a great app. Makes tide books a thing of the past.
  6. Daltores, I am one of the MIA guys from Sacramento. Just back from Striper fishing on the AR this afternoon. I fish the American during the summer and evenings during the week and salmon off the bank in the Sacto. River during the weekends. I now work at the new Sportsman's Warehouse in Rancho Cordova. Come in and say hello sometime.
  7. Moderator, can you please move this post to the West Coast Forum. My bad I forgot that these salmon were caught in saltwater.
  8. I went fishing for Pink Salmon at Dash Point near Tacoma, Washington in late August. The Salmon run right along the beach and pier there every odd year. They are small salmon (3-5lb average, can get up to 10lbs), but a lot of fun to catch. The Salmon were caught from the beach and the pier on 2" Buzz Bomb jigs, and a 1/2 oz pink hair jig. [img=http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t661/dvdcl/1912f682-929b-4e24-9ba5-7b6755b2dd36_zps61f7babc.jpg][img=http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t661/dvdcl/DSCN2206_zps07845740.jpg]
  9. This morning (11-12) I went out fishing from the bank on the Sacramento River. I was casting a Mepps Longast #5 spinner. 32 pounds, 41 inches long, with a 25 inch girth.
  10. I caught a 13 1/2 lb buck and a 15 lb hen on spinners (Mepps Flying C and a Mepps Long Cast) from the bank on the Sacramento River. That makes it 8 Salmon for the year so far. 5 from the bank and 3 from the boat.
  11. I cast the lure straight out and slowly reel in the lure as it goes downstream. You want to be near the bottom.
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