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  1. the honey looks like a cherrywood imho
  2. I have a 12 foot Beach conventional in case you're interested with a 18 in reducer which is really an extender. If you're interested1
  3. First fiberglass rods I heard were made by Shakespeare who made the long whip antennas on ww ll tanks.
  4. I used homies brand trex like material 5 years ago, looks better than my neighbors trex, which faded, brownish color. I saved money, but I would use it again. Also used their dense foam trim no problems.
  5. Thanks been curious about L B
  6. Rough it up w/ a sander, use sizing or whatever latex you have,Steve,been reading your posts for years. I’ve probably ran into you on IBSP. Tight lines.
  7. Hey Joey, thanks for the info. Back in the early 70’s we would cross GB and fish a spot called little beach, from the ocean side surf fishing, in early spring. Is that still a fishery?
  8. Thanks Sheisty, I’ve have been fishing IBSP now 51 years. Even in summer during the week youcan usually find a spot. I can probably cast a short distance sitting, so I’m looking forward to some fluken also.
  9. I’m going to give it a shot this year because of health reasons.. At first I’m going to find a remote beach so I won’t bother anybody till I get used to it .
  10. Brian, He bought an electronic gizmo that puts a noise they can only hear, and it repels them.
  11. Check out Ranch brand. Saved a lot. Satisfied.
  12. I have used Wally’s on route 528 in Jackson. I Have bought a rebuilt from him and also used him for repairs on other motors. He’s honest and fair.
  13. Mice got in to my friends suv the insurance co paid over 3k to do a complete wiring harness. Which involved taking half the vehicle apart, dash etc. I read recently that some mfgrs. Use wirelng that uses a soy based sheathing on the wiring. Nuff said.
  14. How is the brick? Is It porous. Are you going to seal it. Was there any mold. Dirt floors in cellar. Going to pour a floor. What kind of foundation. I once owned the second oldest house in a shore town In NJ. Frame, with a brick foundation set on the sand, no footing. Could not fix it, tore it down.