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  1. Check tomorrow, Now the lathe and copier are sold separate ,mine is built in. Great for copying a plug or like a turned furniture piece..
  2. I’ll measure tomorrow.
  3. I have a grizzly copy lathe ( no longer made ) $400. Picked up Hamilton NJ . Little use. Great condition.
  4. I have 6 J. Kennedy Fisher rods custom wrapped. All good condition. How can I come up w/ a value?
  5. I have 6 J. Kennedy Fisher rods custom wrapped. All good condition. How can I come up w/ a value?
  6. E bikes have been starting fires while charging
  7. Thanks
  8. May try driving on beach in Brigantine this summer. Are there air up stations. Thanks
  9. Have 2 or 3 you can check ‘‘em out in suburban Trenton. Pm me
  10. For me my best camper was an Amerigo All fiberglass camper. In the 70’s. Island beach weekly, several trips to see the mouse in Fla. A cross country trip. Where I drove it with wife 2 kids. I picked up my workmate in SF airport. He drove it home w/ his family. We flew home. I considered it my trip of a lifetime. Got 10 mpg. W/ an f250 390. Gas was a lot cheaper then. Had one flat. In Indianapolis. I used th truck as my work/ transportation vehicle. I think it would kill me to have a motor home parked most of the time.
  11. Shedders
  12. How about 100 miles or so past Trenton up the delaware
  13. When I was looking at longer lenses and a new canon, I came across a bridge camera. The Leica v-lux4 25-600mm lens. My last canon a t90 film camera ( because in my trade, fire investigations digital photos were not recognized by all courts at that time ) anyway, the t90 with all the lenses and accessories I carried was a heavy bagful. The Leica was pleasure comparatively. F2.8 throughout. Great in always low light conditions . Now I’m looking to use it for nature work.
  14. I have a maycraft 18 skiff w/ a 75 E tech evinrude. Light, fast, shallow draft, and very good on fuel. $12k. Pm me for particulars. Hard for me to type, handicapped.
  15. As for running boards, I like them on my sierra pu. I figure they protect my rockers. No problem in sand, but got hung up in a snow drift.