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  1. my gmc dealer sent me an email. pick up your truck do service, wash vehicle, vacuum, rotate tires, sanitize interior. return. all free except for service I wanted done. there was no contact I left key under floor mat. truck returned 5 hrs. later. key under mat. w/receipt. very satisfied
  2. Anchor a higher setup w/hook. a lot of boulders there, and cars sometime.
  3. clams are good under the train bridge in Trenton. after all the fish just swam upriver from ocean. and they are a staple of stripers.
  4. live eels!!! clams!
  5. didn't you have floor mats? another option is have bedliner sprayed on the floors.
  6. the best air system "I ever had was using a car air conditioning compressor. the best at the time were york ( ford ) compressors .over 100 lbs. pressure.instead of compressing freon pumped air. the problem is room. to bracket and mount to drive with the fan belt.
  7. leica v-lux 4 one lens 25mm through 600mm. 2.8 across all. In a compact bridge camera. lens is great, video ls good, too many features to list.
  8. I am happy with the homies brand grooved. 6 years no problems
  9. Really thought it was a photo
  10. Got a full size copy lathe if you are interested
  11. When live lining herring was allowed 2or 3 guys could get over 10 fish a day. Now live eels are a good bet. There are a certain amount of stripers that stay all year in the river. There are some nice plugging spots on the PA. Side. Release all fish of course.
  12. Check out nov x ammo in 9mm, like a .357
  13. I liked them till I backed out of my garage in to about a 2’ snow bank and the pu truck rode up on the running boards and lifted the rear wheels off the drive way and partially the front wheels. Had to get pulled out to the road way.
  14. I’ve owned both, I prefer a p u with a fiberglass cap. A good option is a hinged side window, for reaching in. Did you ever leave bait in a suv an forget it.? For long poles get a sliding rear window in the truck, with the same in the cap, let’s you secure long rods, they can reach all the way to the dash. And still have passengers, on each side. Hosing out is also a good feature.
  15. Are you prone to skin cancer? If so keep the t top. I’d have to stay home w/o mine