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  1. Don't have a house to go to, the best time of the year right now too. I guess I'm a refugebennie .
  2. The bunker at the end of the road is gone, the machine gun turret thing is there, saw it by boat, park ranger was sitting guarding area between swimming beach to south, and fishing beach, where the missiles were. They pushed a big pile of sand up in front of that area too.....
  3. RIP Tony......
  4. Finally going to clean it up......hopefully, Camp Osborn.
  5. From the album Sandy Picture Thread

  6. From the album Sandy Picture Thread

  7. From the album Sandy Picture Thread

  8. Took a ride through, beaches along bay look spotless, NEVER saw the beaches so clean, thanks to all the volunteers doing clean ups. Let's see how long it stays that way.
  9. The same guys who's tour bus dumped a load of s+it on a passing boat, while emptying its tour buses waste tank, while on an open grate bridge....... Rock on...
  10. Anyone know of a GOOD surveyor, south jersey? Boat is in brigintine. Thanks in advance.... Stan
  11. The stuff you find with Google.......
  12. Vids are okay....
  13. I think I saw that house on news12......
  14. From the album Sandy Picture Thread