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  1. Folks down Red's way pay good money for Large Lawn ornament such as this
  2. Moved Inland to Sebring, I am 20 Mile North of Lake Placid and Lake Istokpoga and 40 mile N of Lake Okeechobee ,both have been producing nice LMB in 8Lb range, just have not gotten Motivated to go look for Small Boat as when We Down sized Gave up Back Field to store Boat really don't see that many Out on lakes, most caught on Lures/Jigs and a few on wild shiners How ever at 18,00 a Dozen Damm well better catch some thing Did I say I missed the Turn on to 231 and went all around the Belt way and finally Found it, Long Day lot of Miles, Stop for Gas, Grab Bottle of water and Snickers and we are Gone, To Old today to even thing about a long day on Bike of this Nature
  3. Was Riding M/C (BMW) to BMW Bike rally in Huntsville at Ditto landing, one year take 231 from Dothan next year take 431 from Opelika, either way leave FL at 0500 and try to get to Huntsville at 5pm AL Time ,long day
  4. Was not up on That tax I was Referring to Real estate tax, in and near Atlanta as per Delta Pilot who said taxes forced him to NC, GA lost big time form 96 Olympics and locals have to pay for mistake You Near Bainbridge ?? Passed through couple times
  5. No, It should be Illinois Jailbirds as there is Two maybe Three ex Govenror in then State Pen So what are they Going to change the SR 71 the USAF Blackbird to Bumble Bee Oh yes what about the Mills Brothers song ''Yellow Bird '' where does that Fall
  6. .We was always in Custer during Bike week, never actually made it to Sturgis, Custer was not as bad as most places, We lived 100 mile Daytona so same as Sturgis it self no Doubt, Finally Fun wore off just quit going over ,often took few days for Trip to Watkins Glenn, Blue Ridge (NC) Smoky Mtns we visited many Civil war sites, Wife has Several Piece of Black Hills Gold and lot of Different stones I picked up In Hong Kong and Thailand, Pearls back in 60's from Japan , several Gold Necklace I picked up in Jubail , Saudi Arabia ,never wears most of it, we no longer ride any more Health, legs and upper Body strength easing away so best stay in Car but sure miss Bike and the far West
  7. Well for sure you know the area, you didn't mention any thing about buying any Black Hills Gold ??? Understand there is a move afoot to rename Devils Tower to Bears Den or some thing along that line ??? We tried several Times to get into Wind Cave but wasn't to be, love to Go back ,maybe just maybe take another trip ,Go in Car the next time, don't think I am up to man handling Big Bike any more Wife talking Biloxi or Vegas (She loves the slots ) ,I used to play overseas a lot but Today not real motivated to play
  8. Small entry fee into Custer State Park, Do the '' Wild Life Loop'' in the park, Scenic road is called Needles Highway, Deadwood is neat Small time Gambling, time permitting and you can get in try and do ""Wind Cave"" Oh yes Custer is Known For ""Black Hills Gold"" your WIFE Will leave with possibly a set of Ear Rings, perhaps Bracelet, or Necklace, we have been to Custer Three times so I know this to be a Fact. Price not unreasonable If driving out I-90 a nice place to Visit is Mitchell the Corn Palace, then on out to Wall, Badlands, and World Famous Wall Drug Store coffee was a Nickel for Vet, In Rapid City they have the school of Mine's and on inside is a massive collection of the pre Historic critter Fossil reconstructed to live size (Jurassic Park type critters) 3-4 weeks excellent duration to enjoy trip, Crazy Horse carving getting pricey to partake ,we passed, we spent a week each trip in Custer and still had more to do, Must have is a cooler Full of Water. Enjoy Your Trip we enjoyed each trip, Just wife and I traveling on Goldwing, great time (Yes we rode Goldwing from Fl to Custer and beyond 3 1/2 days Fl to Custer, ) Al
  9. Connetquot, Just for info, NAS Jax has a real Good Marina, docks, storage area,if you have own boat you might want to take a look and see if fits in plans, heard the River Held Black Bass ,NAS Jax also has Large Hospital, Over populate Green Cove Springs , is no small town safe any more to what some call progress. Callahan NO Heavy Truck Traffic lot of Hitch Hikers every Day, Yule??, In GA,Brunswick, Kings Bay, St Mary's ,5 years plenty of time to decide where and when
  10. Navy Base in Jax and Mayport, Navy Sub Base in Kingsland, all three have Navy Lodge 1 800 Navy INN, Camp Blanding in Starke small exchange, can get new ID card with in 30 day window,
  11. Personally I would stay in FL solely for tax purpose, Further in land How ever you might look at Palatka and Green Cove Springs, Reported to be very Good Redfishing along St Johns, both small 6000-10000 population lot of rural area
  12. Shaky where did you move to, In 27 years in FL this is worse season of Love Bugs I have seen, I carry a Bottle of Windex/water and spray windshield and with plastic Brillo pad, scrub enough off so I can see , over near Arcadia was the worse area
  13. We are looking for tax deductions, so maybe just maybe you may get lucky
  14. As for Drako, case in Point (Cobia) will hang out around a tripod Channel Marker and circle it after Pin Fish so keep a Rod set up with pin fish in live well ready to go, see a Cobia, cast out in front of Cobia this method works good Work find a structure/Rock Pile in 15 ft water and troll it for Cobia /Shallow water Grouper Rapala 14 or Mann Stretch 12 Grouper will come up and attack lure ,many times foul hook them self Soaking Bait, Chuncks of Lady fish are like candy to Red Fish, Don t let any one tell you that dead shrimp wont work, load hook up cast it out has worked well for Red Fish, and of course Catfish hey your not working so if you catch one, none you still have fun AL
  15. A big Thank you to all by allowing me to be the Elder Statesman of such a motley Crew , many do have some redeeming social qualities others ,well they just don't measure up. Joined Navy 57 retired after 30 years in 87,surprised many and myself of being around to Double Dip two Govt checks a month started that in 02 , No Grand Children So Wife and I got all the Toys, several different Boats, Far and away to much Tackle ,and all the Motor Cycles, we had 5 Different BMW and Gold Wing rode over 100K on Both . Chased the Sun, Please note each Sunrise is a Blessing and rest of day is a Bonus, I hope to see many more of both Age is but a Number and my number is 78 (1940) Al