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  1. Scott there is large Wild Fire to east of your place, they had planned to have a burn but a Lightning strike said lets do it now, I 75 was closed as well as alligator alley due to smoke should be Ok by Saturday Been Hot of late high 90's,heat index105 so take it slow first few days also been getting afternoon showers,enjoy time off
  2. Gunner do you have any IOU's still out standing you can call in to maybe get him a seat in Good school like engine Mech for the Bird's or the F 35 program. With test score that he has cant see him as Infantry Type Again Goat locker sends congratulations and best wishes through out his enlistment. Al
  3. After He Grads from Basic I would present him with a USMC Ring Engraved with enlist date from Uncle, a local jeweler may be able to find such a ring or put you in touch with company that specializes in Military Rings, USMC with a Red stone is quite a sharp Ring. Money and lap top will soon be gone, The Ring will stay for ever, a constant reminder of who he is/was Protecting I can speak for my Fellow Chief from the Goat Locker, we congratulate your Nephew on his enlistment and wish him the best where ever his orders take him Al (Goat Locker is the Name Given to the Chief Quarters aboard ship)
  4. Picture this One dead Scraggly Tall Tree, Out on one of Limbs is a Large Dark colored Bird off to left side of Bird is a Half Moon, below the Half Moon is a Pig with ass towards the Tree and now in between the Bird and Pig is an eye ball, so what does this look like when put together It is a Bird's Eye View of Pigs Ass in the Moonlight Actual Tattoo that a classmate Got on East Main Street, Norfolk VA 1958
  5. First lesson as New Chief , ""if you shove off early, stop at Club for a cool one and begin wondering what is going on back on board ship You never should have left If one has accomplished their job, then your departure should be no more noticeable than dropping a small pebble in bucket of water, ripples soon disappear and continuity is maintained Going on vacation and worry about work Don't Go
  6. Not up to speed on New Penn from Far away Lands, If the Lady wants a VS ,Buy it for her don't be a Piker
  7. Looking at Photo of pick up ,from what I can see is this is not even correct part, cant find my parts manual how ever 704/706 basically same reel and most parts the same and this Part is Chrome not black and just checked my 704z and it has no cone as shown ,,I just feel this is a jury rig ,at least from what I see, Al
  8. Do your utmost in maintaining a Positive attitude Never let ""What IF'' it should always be " When this is over "" we will Thoughts and all the best for you and entire family
  9. Small Craft Rudee Inlet no Doubt Coming from FT Story (Now Navy) Call up Special Warfare Combat Craft, Mark V //Mark VI, Combat Craft Crewmembers Training closely related to Seals. Several Videos on SWCC , Far Cry from VN River Boats, Communications, GPS, Firepower VN Seal Teams started to get own Boat, numerous problems Fast Had Twin (Ford )?? 427 Engines Call sign on Voice Radio was Racing Danger No Shyt Racing Danger
  10. White Bass assassin, Gulp New Penny/Nuke Chicken, DOA Black Curly tail glitter
  11. It has not been brought out, another reason why it is good idea to visit area your considering is the economy of the area, is tax base declining from stores/business/small industry closing (Pro Line Boat Mfr) in Crystal River loss 115 jobs and tax money, Fl Power had to shut down Nuke Plant and there went some High paying Jobs and major hit to tax base, same as across America small towns are in decay, some such as Inverness, Fl have a Great City Manger and city is actually growing Was just on Phone with an SOL member and told him of Very High rising cost of living in an area he had considered 5years ago building lot was 5K today 100K for lot I believe the median income for FL is in 35=39K range perhaps higher but not a great deal, spend a week visit Grocery stores auto repair dealers what is labor rates, what are wages if one is still in work force Some areas are seeing a large influx of people from NE sold house there and have cash money for house here and can and do offer more than asking price on new place WE are not Joking at all when we say Traffic becomes a Grid Lock ,in some areas during winter months, FL population Goes from 23 Million to 46 million during Dec to April Not to worry still lot of Vacant property on water and inland Just some other points to consider in why we say come visit ,hell I would welcome chance to show you areas I am familiar with For Christ sake DO NOT even consider the ''Villages', house so close to each other that you can hear your neighbor Fart and that is a No Shyter Al
  12. HVAC// Electrician //appliance repair no show, such not case all over, Locally Companies on Time as scheduled, Compressor goes on Fridge, repair guy was son of owner of appliance store (Independent )said hey look water /Ice don't work so that is a 300 part new compressor in 14 year old unit I would not repair ,We have unit we can deliver today Free Delivery, Hell might as well buy new stove as is 14 years old also. So wife happy ;me I just write checks or stop at bank and get fistful of 100.00 bills Called HVAC to come do a spring check up, arrived on time as scheduled, Your Good to Go, With a Cat in house change filter often , service call $60.00 Small town word travels fast so service call are for most part held up to as scheduled Demographics are driving force of Service call prices in this area (Sebring Fl) yes we moved inland after 26 years on Gulf
  13. Great Putter and Deal, If I only had One See More FGP putters Vice 3 I too would be proud to have this club, How ever just ordered a new Hybrid (5) and picked up Hybrid (4) at Pro shop ,left over unused Demo , paid half price , so stash is depleted (Cobra F Max Super Lite) Good luck with sale, surprised an SOL member has not grabbed this
  14. Reading past few post here it seems that so many local such as Darko, Salt fisherman, Local 66,Red Jeep,Mtl50 and few others and myself have been conducting an exercise in futility. High HOA, High Cost of Insurance High cost of Food, These facts were in effect before one settles in so why did you drop anchor there , we urge and plead take a week and go visit an area, so it cost you a Few Bucks, might be well worth the time spent later when you start noticing the price s your paying and you own your slice of the pie, Looking for work, well you won't find much in areas with No Industry other than a Saw mill Fact Insurance and Taxes will be much Higher on Either Coast and waterfront even on a Canal look at 60.00 a Foot taxes and up depending upon area. so figure it out 8o foot @ 60 a Foot, is costly, now get home Owners & Flood Wages are LOW, TRUE, even FL State Highway Patrol is short handed as the Pay is so low, same as Game wardens(FWC), Do not get in Hurry as there is Lot of property still vacant, I know for fact many Home sites can be had for Back Taxes (Citrus Springs, Hernando,Lecanto) approx. 10 mile from Gulf If I wanted to I could /would build a Self storage unit and sit back with a waiting list, I have never seen so many flourishing storage units, many Folks from N bring to much Bulky Items and store them away Why but for sure a money making deal. Just so every one Knows the Entire West Coast was not effected by Red Tide/ Algae bloom, Tampa and Below to Glades I believe was beat up Badly, areas Cedar Key, Horse Shoe Beach, Suwanee were untouched and looking for visitors Al
  15. In conversations in CPO club, SS Nuke types speak of playing tag under the Ice cap .a dent here or there, each no doubt has an extensive Acoustic Library and knows who they are playing tag with by Acoustic finger prints , most Sonar Today is passive FWIW Not so long ago a Contactor to provide steel in building a Nuke SUb was caught supplying sub standard steel to be used in Outer Hull of Nuke sub, they Fined him and suspended his work with Govt Sorry SOB for Fist Full of Dollars put many lives in Danger just to line his pockets