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  1. Agree at least have a fan, crack Door 3-4 inches,, I would also recommend that you consider securing it to a secure fixture as at night Generators have been know to walk away Garage door track should deter sticky finger SOB
  2. See how it reacts with a load on it ,put a good load on it, (2 Fans/shop Vac,or small compressor) ,make it work, does it surge, bog down or keep running smooth, if running smooth I would leave alone, if surging add a few oz/can of sea foam and run again, You know it starts and runs so now is it putting out some power??? Hopefully unit is operating normal
  3. Last information I had the State of Texas does not classify the Slingshot as a trike, In order to be a M/C or trike the passenger must sit behind the driver where a slingshot they sit side by side, as such TX says it is not a trike
  4. Old Timer Sweet reel, I have the twin to it, wrapped in bubble wrap in Desk drawer, you forgot to mention the reel has a manual Pick up vice bail and that is worth few bucks it self ## My twin to your reel is one of very last that was refurbished by Chuck Hell several years back .Good luck with the sale Al
  5. Huy "Talk to a VN Combat vet and you get the story There is a couple other VN combat Vets amongst us , How ever I dam sure don't know what story I am suppose to know in regards to John McCain, I spent one year on the Rivers in the Mekong Delta and engaged in Fire Fights with the VC/NVA quite often, then I spent 3 years on a Carrier on Y station flying strikes into the N VN and worked in Combat Information Center ,had a high level security clearance up to and including rumor, don't recall anything about McCain To me if it isn't in writing it aint shyt Thanks for taking the Fight to the sand box and keeping all the shyt head/rag head from tearing up our back yard
  6. Safety is paramount ,trust your inner feelings, take any action needed , prepare for worse case and hope for the best Just STAY SAFE, Best of luck to those in path of storm, we know only to well your position, dwell on positives thoughts Al
  7. JJD, did you just run the unit or put a load on it (Box Fan) and let it run with such for 10-15 minutes, rule of thumb do not start or stop unit with any thing plugged in I have the time to spare as such I run my Unit 10-15 minutes once a month year round,
  8. Personally I would take unit to shop as letting it sit for long periods,with fresh gas it may run fine yet generate no Power. Best of Luck in getting unit up operating properly
  9. PGA is strong supporter of Military as such many of PGA tourney has tickets for Active duty, Retired and Vets, Active Duty and Retired are Free with a Guest each day, Vets get a decent discount on tickets. Some events have a Military Out post open only to Vet and guest where one can sit and watch the Field Pass through (Valspar at Copperhead) outpost on 16th Green close enough you can hear Players talking to caddy. Also every thing in out post is FREE, Beer, soda, water ,sandwich, chips cookies I am not sure if I can post site to get tickets or information, so if any one interested send me a PM And as stated read what you can bring in and what you cant all patrons are wanded and empty pockets, never a delay as one would expect Golf outing for group give me a shout , Course deserted now in Fl and not due to heat, (No Snow Birds ) Real Good course fees now are 34.00 with Cart,played at 7.30 today and to say I played UGLY is bing nice Al
  10. Navy Black eye , Stockdale and Denton went onto Admiral, Stratton went on to Captain,i was in fleet at that Time Admiral Zumwalt CNO, Navy never missed a step there we then was over coming racial riots on Carriers as Admiral Z was hard core on equality for all (Rightfully So) Black eye Hobson and Wasp Collison// HMS Melbourne and Frank Evans Collision, Tail Hook, John Walker Spy, Front Royal Grounding at Waikiki Beach Honolulu, now the Collison of the Fitz and McCain are Black Eye Coming under fire in Combat first few moments are sheer terror then 99% act as trained and fully engage the enemy, I never saw it but word filtered down that 1% would hide, I took a USAF Col out on Night Patrol and we encountered a group of VC, Good Fire fight ensued, the Col was as white as fresh white sheets on the clothes Line, Told every one back at Compound we were some Crazy Men, cussing and hollering You Farking Dink your going to die tonight GD Dink ( Crazy Hell Yes, but we were indestructible Just ask us) Reports read that those men who had graduated from an academy held up stronger than Non Academy type T/F ??, read where one of Guards walking with McCain on day of release said to McCain ""They trained you well McCain they trained you well You have to Earn Respect Military people can read right through a phony in less than a minute These POW to me are the Real Deal, America should be in Mourning we lost a Proud Warrior Al
  11. Dena, a Vet does not have to be in Combat to be eligible for Medical attention, today it is the Burn Pits that are creating problems as well as tainted water at couple of bases that also effected families average DR in most communities backed up appointments for some time also
  12. NO Co Pay or such, they just have all files dating back to 2005, and don't want to start another paper trail, with another DR who may say go get X ray/Cat scan/perhaps change medication, yes I could go any where that accepts Medic Care Tri care but the clinic real good and appointments kept on time and they can squeeze you in for minor problem such as last week cutting heavy shrubs, reached across tip off one I just cut an impaled my arm on sharp stump, also can get flu shot shingles, and others on just walk in
  13. I am not up to speed on Members of Guard and reserve units not degrading any one just not aware of their policies in regards to Tricare, I know your pension start at 60. I have a VA clinic approx 5 mile from house so go there for annual check up, re new prescriptions
  14. Tri Care at 60,why arent you using Tri Care Prime or Tricare standard now , Tricare For life kicks in at age 65 with Medicare''' I had never enrolled in VA and had been retired 18 years when was informed to go get Agent Orange work up, like you why go in I was ok, lucky for me they caught cancer in lymph Nodes early on during Agent Orange work up. You can go register and get in system whether you use it or not chances are being retired you will start at Group 8 How ever at least you in the system and have a VA ID card