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  1. Scotto O, soon By Pass around Sebring be completed get on way S and get back on 27 at the College N almost in Avon Park. Al (Chow Sebring Dinner and the Olympic in Avon Park Both on 27 )
  2. Traffic Grid Lock never been in that area, how ever many say the same , It is a Parking lot in Snow Bird season (Nov-April) Friends in Northport saying that traffic there also is getting heavy, Various reason some folks have left that area as Higher Taxes , Higher Cost of Insurance, Traffic, Taxes went up to pay for infrastructure as 20 years back No Need for schools, the influx came from Those who moved from Miami with Kids, and from new folks that retired and moved South ,the various reasons are what most moving to N along coast were saying T/F ?? Above Spring Hill you will find few Minority of any Nationality, no work, no crops ,low population Low wages lower crime ,Just as there is no Perfect Boat the same will be location a compromise Where do I see BIG Mistake many people move down To Say Citrus County, Crystal River Homosassa and build bigger house than what they sold , I asked why, well need room if Kids come down I said what Kids down for week or two weeks every year well No, Then save 25-30 K and build smaller house an put Kids in Holiday Inn, Few local can afford a 300K house so when time to sell the Market has to be to the North where wages were higher ,selling price much higher than original price, there is a Glut of 250K 375 and above houses on Market (Villages) Terra Vista, Black Diamond, Those that Live in area in question can post every day, how ever until you come see ,and say yea or nay , what we post is same as reading a travel Book.
  3. IT is a Gopher turtle and Protected, Ok to pick up and re locate, careful they like to take a whiz when picked up, there is what is called a Gator Back Turtle also known as a snapper rarely seen, I had wet lands border my back field and over 25 years seen one
  4. Easy to get to depending on time of year in regard's to traffic, for Wife. Daughter ""Sun City"" is a great shopping mecca, several Factory Outlet stores Not far from Apollo Beach, Snow Birds starting to Drift out now by Mid April 90% will be gone for 6 months, ( Oh Happy Days) some are Very Rude and Terrible drivers, I think the worse of the Lot is the Canucks from Ontario, we call them High Pockets as Pants pocket so high cant get hand up that high to get any money out Drive Safe , Oh Yes Bring Money Al
  5. East side of Tampa Bay is what I think you are saying ,Where is house Clearwater, Indian Rocks, Indian Shores Bradenton, Sarasota Coming down I 75 Perry good stop, or Valdosta, If family interested SW of Perry is town of Andersonville which was the POW Camp for N Troops captured during Civil war along with a Museum of POW from all wars, as I say if into Civil War and the Peanut Farmer is not to far away in Plains GA If over on I-95just across line at Yulee Take A1A over to Callahan and then take 301 to Ocala 4 lane divided NO Speed Traps, they disbanded Waldo PD and Brawley so run on by, couple lights in Starke no biggie cut over to I-75 at First light coming into Ocala, go Right on 326 Just N of Ocala is Cross Creek the Homestead of Marjorie Rawlings ( She wrote The Book The Yearling) real good food at Cross Creek Café Drive safe enjoy trip Al
  6. Daughter lives in Indian shore said lot of rental units, she is in Stilt House back offof beach I mean nothing in front of her but the beach surf wont get to her unless a major storm have no idea pays in rent although she said several places sit empty more then not so as others stated look around (Oh don't think fishing that good there as only see one person soaking bait
  7. AARP does taxes for Free, Forgot to add , You Do Not have to be a member of AARP for them to provide this service they ask for donation to Church for use of Office space, yes indeed fair request.. As far as AARP tax hoax, Steve I just don't frankly give a tinkers Damm what AARP does or doesn't do, quite obvious to see your not a member or fan ,If I cared about what other people think I would become their prisoner, not today Al
  8. Damm many photos, gathering looked like all had good time, Couple things I noticed, every one had on long sleeve shirts sweaters, guy coking out side bundled up,, guess it is still cold there, was in 70's and rain , so moving on next issue was photo after photo all clear and no problem except the only name tag I could see plainly was MikeMc , so who the hell are the rest of you. Al
  9. AARP does taxes free for any one at Local church ,so off we go ,get all settled down and prepare to wait ,not really bottom line was we had a Refund coming the first one in many years ,seems with new tax rates/deductions for over 65 and paying quarterly we over paid by 150.00 Hey just let it ride for next year, Oh we just had standard short form but have to pay Tax on S/S and I don't know figures so let them do it, talked with good friend and AARP booked at his library so off to H&R and 250.00 for short form same with liberty 250.00 short f form what a robbery and legal I suppose, at Church did not hear any complaining or whining about out come, but letting AARP do them saved me 250.00 I can handle that
  10. IN Fl when Bait fishing for reef Fish, Grouper/ Red Snapper/AJ one must you a Non Stainless In Line circle Hook, In Fed waters not specific In Line or Off set Circle hook and again Non Stainless
  11. Cataracts big Problem for Poor Night Vision, Check PSA every year and has been 1,2 - 1.35 for several years The DR told me I have an enlarged Prostrate how ever no problem just make you get up at night and Go Piss, your age ok. Al
  12. Some thing just never was right with last pair Glasses back in August, Got Fed up went to another Eye Dr she conducted, lot of test , had Machines of one type or another most never seen before So, one problem who ever made last set of lenses left prism out based on last test result's you showed me, so that is no real problem what problem is First Cataracts heavy, so we can get surgery set up for that, next problem you may have on set of Glaucoma, how ever until cataract surgery completed we will test more, Now you have mid level Macular Degeneration, so we will take some saliva for DNA send this off to lab and they will advise us of needed vitamins to greatly slow this down, in mean time eat lot of Dark Green Vegies (Broccoli, Spinach, Green beans and along that line Oh yes My favorite Turnip Greens) What we have found out today is why you are having problems Fine but why was I not informed of any of this before, Macular Degeneration can come on quickly at any age, though over 60 odds 1 in 10, over 75 (me) 1 in 4, Glaucoma is hereditary (Mother) Brother had one DR say Yes another says Now Going to get another check as based on my test. What about Cataracts why didn't they say something, well they have professional Dr and they have some of lesser qualities how is that for being nice ,well why don't you just say impersonator's Dr advised me to have friends have check up ever couple years, dont think she ways saying this to make buck but to help others be aware of potential problems I was totally unaware of eye needing some Green Veggies and what other vitamins later Al
  13. Top Water Skitter walker and Zara Spook were my two best top water using walk the Dog Manner (side to side ) movement by twitch ,Red Fish , Snook bust them great sight to see them bust the lure, price est 10-12 each If you should catch a Lady Fish , Cut it up and this chunk is Candy to Red Fish,
  14. DOA Shrimp under a Cajun Thunder popping rig is a highly productive rig for Red /Trout/Snook for longer cast buy one with small brass balls (Weighted) as they can be bought with out weight, will have glass beads on top, when popped the beads will give sound like a shrimp clacking twitch pause twitch pause Cajun Thunder approx. $4.00 in most tackle shops, and of course Wal Mart
  15. Might want to check out Boat shows in Orlando/Tampa may have some vendors there ,, Do They ????