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  1. You keep them corrected up to date ??? over the years wish I had kept good pair of Compass and Dividers from W Germany ## Plausible reason for Urine Bottles, the Collison Knocked out Aux room NO 1 which provide Fresh water and Fire main (Flushing water) so no way to Flush head ,then again the Admiral did not start his inspection until ship was back in port so ample time to dump the bottle or at least gives one the thought they could have, I mean Tokyo Harbor is not Rocky mountain water to begin with. Still CIC not a work out room for weights, and such
  2. AL,


    Thanks a bunch for your info about Big Bend. I don't drive long distance like I used too even though I have recently retired and have the time.


    Pulled a 16ft tunnel metal down last trip to Cedar Key area, really liked the area. Have another one with jet foot now but it's still a 10hr forced march, haha.


    It is kind of you to take time to answer the post in such detail, owe you a few beers!



    Best from Boomer, NC


    James Fortner


  3. True, the Navy is returning to and using Old salts to teach Celestial Navigation, i expect a return to paper charts and Notice to Mariners book issued monthly, they no doubt do have some paper charts but are they corrected and up to date ,with Internet and e mail Flashing Light has fallen by wayside ,same with Flags and Pennants, The Carrier has ""F"" at the Dip (Preparing to launch A/C) F now close up, coming into the wind, Far to much is delegated to Electronic Gadgets
  4. Report that finally came to light reads like a horror story Combat Info Center or CIC the eyes ears of ship was a disaster ,the Vast Majority of Equipment systems, Radar not working or if it was working at all it was in a degraded state of operations, found out just as well as most didn't know how to operate equipment start with, some equipment was stripped to repair other equipment, with out proper authority to do so and higher level not aware of such, one piece of equipment had a problem light showing all the time so they taped over it Next the Admiral conducting the investigation Found in CIC a highly classified work center ,Half eaten Food, Uneaten food in containers, and this is so Nasty, he found Bottles of Urine, WTH is going on Reportedly some of Problems had been noted and had been awaiting repair for several months, Admiral gave the Officers (Bridge watch standers) a Rules of Road test 22 of them and only 3 passed or scored above 50%, Report stated the CPO (Chief Petty Officer Mess) was dysfunctional Enough Said Not what any one wanted to read is it, Sad Al
  5. Yankeetown about 8-10 mile N of Crystal River, Yankee Town Marina on the Withlacoochee River, not sure if Capt ED has rental Boat or not, McRaes, River Safaris in Homosassa have John Boats and Pontoon boats to rent, Petes Pier in Crystal River May have rental, Inglis Motel Withlacoochee looks decent, Café Next Door and Mama Sally's across street, Shore Fishing on Both side of Barge Canal about mile south from Inglis, Trout/Red/silver trout,never know what may come in canal, couple miles long . Crystal River"" Days Inn" , has Ramp, and small Bait/tackle out the Back Door and a Decent Dennys adjoining, Hwy 19 in Homosassa nightmare due to construction suggest you avoid place unless you really wat go to Old Homosassa, Oh hell forgot in Inglis Good Tackle shop about 1/2 mile west of hwy 19 &40 also another shop just west of this shop ,I like the one further Up road, Old, dusty, some used and new tackle, Bait Live/ Frozen IF you get out to Ozello, stop in at Back Water Fins ask for Dave (owner) tell him that his Buddie from the Horseshoe said Hello he will know it is me (Horse shoe was just that on Vam Co Dong River),didnt make any difference what day what time some one was going to shoot at you. Real Good Food & Pecks on down road for Crabs (they grow their own for most part Enjoy your Trip I a sure you will enjoy and be back as that area is the real Nature Coast, small town ,laid back and reasonable prices, Guide in Crystal River Capt Dave (the Lureman) only fishes Top water with his own lures he makes Al Of Note, if bringing wife/GF or such there is NO Mall ,well a Half empty one,shopping in Ocala
  6. Get in Touch with SEA HAG marina in 3 Steinhatchee 352 498 3008, lower Big Bend is Crystal River and Homosassa, Crystal River several boat rentals/yak rentals For info Ed;s Tackle Hwy 19)in Homosassa Blue Water Bait and tackle on hwy 19, also Boat and Yak rentals in Homosaaa,Ed & Blue water just info no rental (No Paper work license required to rent boat) Take Prop insurance $10.00 Fun Spots Crystal River Crackers//Crab Plant, Homosassa The Freezer, McRae's shed, (At Ramp) Old Mill, in Ozello Back Water Fins// Pecks Like Hog Fish inn ""If your here tonight a local told you"", need a Guide Homosassa Crystal River send me PM Sorry cant help you much with Cedar Key . Al Oh yes No shirt with Collar or Black T shirt ,only H/D riders wear Black T shirt in Hot FL sun as their Brain has already been Fried.
  7. Pier Fisherman fishing 0ff of Pier in Panama City/P Cola for the most use a 7ft Med Heavy, and many use Penn 704/706z models looking for 250 270 yds of 20 mono as lot of sharp debris on pilling's, if you have a West Marine in area stop in and talk to staff,visit a pier and talk with the people fishing there most should help you get started
  8. The Hwy accident on I-75 where 7 people lost their life can not be investigated as the NTSB is furloughed and no one to inspect/determine cause. Sad the loss of Family or any one for that matter
  9. As you are a Golfer and your season over for winter you might be interested in reading Harvey Penick "Little Red Book" and his book "If you play Golf your my Friend"" His Books been out of print for some time ,they should be able to be attained on Amazon, small books , so I read them once and then a week or so go read them again Over years he had many Top PGA players come to him for help/ advice.
  10. Daughter & SIL been walking the Beach at Indian Shores for past few days. Great weather been running 80 -83
  11. Huuuuuummmm the Old Maine Guide is up and about, hope all is well, ""Cold Up There "" was 63 at 7am and now right at 83, what about building project any progress You know you was EXCITED when you unwrapped that 2/0 Stay Well AL
  12. From many years of experience, If Your Hair doesn't Hurt you need more practice, now the best little pill to Get Rid of Headaches is Called MIDOL, kept some on Hand when we deployed and going ashore in Hell Hole over in Western Pacific
  13. Yes ,I had a 2/0 I picked up in Tucson AZ can you say that Dry Climate kept it pristine, an SOL member starting a collection so I let it go to him, I heard he pizzed his pants when he seen the Reel T/F ????
  14. From a 3/0 next size from 4/0 is 6/0 then a 9/0 12/0 14/0 which is HUGE,not to say may be others for sure I have only seen those listed Penn Mariner series along same lines as Senator with 349H? being top of series, Great Wire Trolling Reels 49/149 weak in my opinion reel foot weak spot, 249 good 349 better Head Boats use 60/65 Penn Reels No Big loss if Customer trashes one, that was just a local head boat which is a Bare Bones Boat