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  1. i found them at a yard sale. there was two tackle boxes, two were his and one was his dads. the one with the old stuff in it. I collect lures and have quite a nice display. i mainly collect ontario can. made lures such as luckystrikes, hex, al&w and many others. i will post a picture of part of my collection soon. sry i didnt get around to posting the other picture, you know how it is when you have to get out and test some new lures too see if the fish like them lol.
  2. lures
  3. i will post a close up pick of those lures right away
  4. new pics will be posted soon
  5. here are the old lures in the old tackle box pretty nice i think
  6. does any body know what the deep-o-diver is worth?
  7. hi this lure is only worth a couple of dollars in this condition. It is by no means collectiable in this shape. it is a wodden bomber bait. nice colour would have been a nice bait if it wasent wrecked
  8. sure will here are some here is a close pic of my old lures here are some other pics long A's great lures man that was alot of pictures hope you guys enjoy tons of lures here. hope these are the pics you guys wanna see. thanks
  9. here is a 150$ yard sale find. couldent belive my eyes. the was a bit of a drinker and he said take them all for 150$ so i did lol. could any body tell me how much my heddon deep o diver would be worth thanks.
  10. here is all the info you need sudsy in the 1st pic left- depose ell 5$ - p&k bright eyes 5-10 $ deepending on condition - heddon crab wiggler in good condition around 50$ in mint - either a woods deep-r-doodle or a jinx lure both around 5$ the rest of the info you have already recieved no sense telling you twice
  11. Please do not solicit on this forum.
  12. Please do not use this forum to solicit, thanks
  13. just use soap and water that will take it right off with a little bit of scrubing. i have cleaned litteraly hundreds of these lures this way. i have been a collector for years. what else did you find for old lures in the tackle box?
  14. hi i collect old baits i would say that the ccbco piki in the box is worth a max of 20$ and the other fly rod baits between 10-15$ i hope this information helps you. Thanks for the help pricing but as per the user agrement do not use this forum to solicit, thanks and welcome aboard