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  1. I am hoping to take my son down to Venice in January for a nice long weekend. Has anyone fished the gulf out of Venice? Does anyone have any recommendations for a boat or captain. We'd like to get out for mahi, tuna and wahoo. Also if you have any recommendations for lodging that would be helpful as well. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. no problem. If you are interested in any of the others let me see what Sunsets or Lunas you have
  3. Not for the Musso.
  4. It would have to be a pretty nice GRS. Signed this is worth over $125.
  5. Also have this one but it would cost you at least two GRS. Pichney - Musso collaboration plug.
  6. I am looking to take my son down to Venice in January for a nice long weekend. Is anyone on the FL Forum familiar with the area. Does anyone have any recommendations for a charter or for lodging? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Here's what I have left. The only museum piece is the signed small darter all the others have knocks and dings but are still in very good to good condition. Let me know if anything interests you.
  8. #5
  9. Russ is a long time Breezy Point fisherman who has a small commercial plug operation. He builds mostly for friends but does occasionally sell out of his truck on these NY beaches, just like the old timers like Floyd Roman, Krystock, and Pichney did. I discovered him and his unbelievable talent a couple months ago on the Facebook plug pages. His stuff blows me away. His designs seem simple yet unique and his paint is usually intended to catch fish although he did recently come out with a collector's series that he auctioned off. I was very lucky to get three of the collector's plugs and being the gracious gentleman that he is he made sure the box was filled with much more than the plug I bid on. He is on SOL but he's more of a lurker on the NY Kayak forums. His SOL name is Odin. Check him out if you are lucky enough to land one or a few of his plugs you will be impressed.
  10. Just wanted to plug my sister and brother-in-laws new business going up in Colts Neck. The Colt's Neck Stillhouse. Shooting for a grand Opening by July 4th weekend. Right next door to Delicious Orchards. My Bro-in-law will be distilling whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, and flavored moonshine all under his brand name Mucklyeye. There will be a tasting room with both indoor and outdoor seating and a large room for corporate functions or private parties. There will also be a new micro-brewery going up in the barn in the back once renovations are complete. (Brewery is not associated with the distillery) My son and I got a quick tour today and we cant wait for it to be finished and opened. It's a great looking space in a great location and Delicious Orchards will be building a walking path to connect to the distillery.
  11. The sign is up and the landscapers are working. Not long now. Looking forward to the opening.
  12. Yes both are a little over 1.5ozs
  13. I think you beat me.
  14. works for me.I will mail on Monday
  15. Beauty. Good luck with the sale Mark.
  16. OK here's my offer. Pick either the darter or the pikie and either the needle or the pencil for both of yours. Needle and pencil have been used.
  17. I have two left both used lightly. $33 shipped for the pair?
  18. So who has them all? I only have two a newer one and a well used one
  19. I think Roy has them all locked up under his bed.
  20. sorry just saw the response. What kind of plug were you thinking about. I think the price difference between the two is around $100. I'd probably do it for if the plug was a GRS or something similar. Or I'd probably trade the AlMar for a Skippy or Arsenal straight up.
  21. He was an early guy but I'm not sure he made a lot of plugs to sell. I have never come across any in my 10-15 years of plug ho'ing. Below is a picture I was able to find.
  22. Its a beauty I grabbed one as well.
  23. I have one of the Cutcos it's definitely my go to fillet knife and I could use a back up what else can you offer to sweeten the deal?
  24. Mr. Fixter.