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  1. Sorry Dave I haven't been too involved in the plug game recently. I'll look for these this week.
  2. I have close to 25 AH Darters. Can you be more specific. 2oz or 3 oz? Colors?
  3. Sorry been busy. Let me know if you still want it
  4. $40 shipped
  5. What's the best you can do picked up? I'm in Morris County also.
  6. Where are you located? I'm interested
  7. I'll look for them Dave
  8. Some vintage ones
  9. Need to check if I still have the Sudsrat and BS (I may have already sold them to you)
  10. That is so awesome Great work guys. Nice to see you Mike. I know I owe you a call, picking up the boat tomorrow so things should settle down after that. I'll be in touch soon.
  11. Looking to trade for a Jigging World Nexus Conventional rod (see pic). Take your pick of the GRS or I will pay cash.
  12. Went out today on a buddy's boat out of Shore Haven and canal was in our favor but caught the RR bridge going out and coming back. Not going to miss that.
  13. I think it was that most of the West Coast guy bought them up. Read the thread below there's a lot of history to be found on this site if you just do a little searching.
  14. Interested in any of these?