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  1. Ran into Russ on the beach this afternoon. Lucky to find he still had a decent selection of his Fall lineup. Got some tips on how to fish his pencils. Can't wait to head back out and pin one on his sand eel pencil.
  2. I'll find out tomorrow. I'm stopping by to see how close they are to a soft opening.
  3. 2 1/4 ozs
  4. Mac let me see if Striper Silly is taking the darter I think thats what he wanted
  5. Can I assume your auto correct changed darter into Carter?
  6. Five Carlezon plugs all signed and dated. $25 each or buy all 5 for $110 shipped
  7. These are all Campo bombers unloaded. $23 each shipped. Act quickly and buy all 8 for $155 shipped
  8. Slow time of year cant even sell Pichneys! Closing this up.
  9. Here are some fine examples of those crazy Californians (Winch, Fixter, Eurojett). All price include shipping. Shipping discount for multiple plugs. Winch White - $28 Winch mullet - $28 Winch Pencil - $28 Fixter Darter - $55 Black head jointed Fixter pikie - $75 Purple head jointed Fixter pikie - $75 Schoolbus Eurojett jointed Nike - $35 Anchovy Eurojett jointed Nike - $35
  10. $30 each shipped. Even though you can still buy all black this one has a yellow eye. Not sure why but it looks original to me. The burple here is a different shade of purple for you guys that have to have them all. Gags repaint in yellow Mack - $42 shipped Yellow swimmer (no rattles) - $45 shipped.
  11. If you consider the guy jumped on it after it beached itself on the jetty as "caught" I guess you're right.
  12. And with that I'm going to close this and relist whats left in a new thread.
  13. Meet me at Fort Tilden tomorrow I'll be trying them out.
  14. Too funny Rob!
  15. sorry missed this. Its yours PM coming