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  1. Was this Eddie?
  2. I think I have one Mark. I'll dig it out and send it your way. Merry Christmas
  3. $150 for both lots
  4. Wake up guys. Chumbuckets were selling for over $100 not too long ago. Surely you can do better than $30 each this is for a great cause.
  5. I'm guessing BC
  6. I'll take the lot Ray
  7. I'll take them for 17
  8. This was one of the nicest plugs I ever owned. Just an unbelievable work of art. I regret ever selling it. This was the largest sized popper he made.
  9. I believe he is a NY guy who started making wood poppers and quickly found a following especially with the tuna guys. He recently began making a cheaper plastic molded version. I loved his original poppers and thought they threw more water than just about anything else on the market. The one you found is in rough shape but still capable and worthy of catching more fish. Change the hooks and give it a toss.
  10. If it was a giant I could consider it but its a common color and not the largest one he makes best I can do is $45
  11. "Blue Streak Tackle Co." Blue Streak Tackle Co. Waltham 54, Mass. Manufactured lures from approx. 1947 until the 1960's. They produced swimmers, poppers, and eel plugs. The lures were still found on the shelves of many bait & tackle shops in the early 1970's.