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  1. nope
  2. How about 3 plus a game changer for the pair of TBs. I take a picture of all the smaller gliders I have and measure the skinny. Here are the two game changers I have
  3. $70 shipped Paypal
  4. Marc I have a bunch of Lokis let me know more precisely what you are looking for, size, colors? Also what type of Fixters? Here's a few
  5. Bob I'll take these. Any chance you want to trade for the 2 LS69s gamechangers? I'll add in $10
  6. I also have some vintage Bob Hahn needles
  7. Some mini Wadds
  8. I can do the same as the others posted $50 shipped paypal
  9. I have a bunch of needles but not sure who's are slow sink. What brand are you looking for?
  10. Here's two I found
  11. Yeah sorry just been busy taking care of personal stuff lately. I believe this is a Campo bottle no rattles.
  12. I'd do all 9 for $190 shipped. $20 each plus $10 to ship.
  13. I'll check and let you know in the morning
  14. Here's what I have. The first picture are all green loads and the second picture are blue (Blue are unloaded)