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  1. Do you want me to bring these to SurfDay?
  2. I'll take the Donny
  3. The food truck tomorrow will be Aussie Meat Pies. Who's coming?
  4. Can't really see the Super Strike what color is it and is it sinking or floating?
  5. Here's a nice pair $65 shipped?
  6. If you go on Facebook and search for his builder name you can see a lot of what he's bringing.
  7. I can remember Some years at Berkeley where RM Smith was a bigger draw than Gary
  8. $55 for the pair shipped
  9. I used to have around 30 or more of these and sold them all years ago, I recall trading a few for a LLoomis surf rod.. I probably should have held on to them as the market has recently picked up for them
  10. I always thought they had the action of a tree branch. His surfsters swam well but these not so much
  11. Yes I have and it does not effect them
  12. Fixter is bringing between 400-500 plugs there should be plenty for whoever wants one. I don't think he'll sell out by 9:00
  13. OP has disappeared. Another fly by willing to buy?
  14. I'm working the show this year. Mike Fixter's table No lines for me.
  15. While this is all very entertaining I have only one thing to say.... In before the lock.