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  1. What color 3 ozs darters? I'm interested in the middle one and the top one
  2. I've been around since 2007
  3. Wow 2015?
  4. I'll do 75 if Bob passes
  5. Clean that toaster!
  6. Any of these float your boat? RM Smith - $28 shipped Afterhours - $ 42 shipped GooGooMan - $50 shipped RM Smith lit up squid troller -$40 shipped
  7. I'm passing have at it
  8. OP disappeared?
  9. Builder's name on this site is Drew9745. You can search for him if you wish.
  10. yes Alpha. Builder's name is Drew I believe the numbers are the year he built them.
  11. split it with you $55
  12. Interested in Blonde Terrors and Sunset if you split
  13. Beautiful slanthead surfster! Not many of those around.
  14. $60 shipped for the pair?
  15. Tim I don't know what it is but ever since I got a new PC SOL has been a PITA. The banners and ads are taking over. I can't even finish typing a comment in a thread because the loading ads keep kicking my cursor out of the text box. So many former members have told me they cant stand the new format with all the Ads that they dont even post anymore. I am seeing what they mean. It's infuriating. While typing this I was kicked out 3 times.