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  1. send me a PM with your info
  2. $230 shipped
  3. $112?
  4. I have a bunker new in the package but it aint going to be cheap. Unfortunately I did not buy it from Mike.
  5. Offer $105
  6. Offer withdrawn never heard back from buyer
  7. Dark on top
  8. no sweat
  9. No interest in the PM slant head conrad?
  10. 2d one looks like a BC (Brian Mullaney and Corie?) 3rd one is a Smitty (Kimber Smith) Last one is an Alpha (Drew9745) Pikie I dont know.
  11. No response to PMs are you taking this or what? Let me know or else I'm listing it in a WTS
  12. Are you taking these PM sent on Tuesday.