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  1. What about the yellow and redhead trollers? I know he made a bunch of those. I also have an all yellow troller. Were these all special orders? I also always believed the two bottles pictured were Danny's and not Don's work.
  2. Damn How did I miss this?
  3. I'll take both
  4. I'll take it and show me which others you have.
  5. what size is the Loki?
  6. interested in Loki if you split
  7. that's fine Mike
  9. I'll take the Fischer popper if you split
  10. Large Mac Surfster $75
  11. Bottom sure looks like a BM to me. Gibbs was a special order for Campo
  12. I think I have a burple. $36 shipped
  13. Over time this has been the solution to the rule that only allows 4 open for sale posts at one time. I have to admit I have been guilty of this . I'm not sure its really a big problem but it is a loophole to an existing rule.
  14. If you pass on his pliers bid I'll take everything for 60
  15. second