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  1. BM Jointeds
  2. Afterhours Jointed eels - $35 each
  3. Fixter Jointed Pikie - $70
  4. I guess you prefer to put your own eyes on!
  5. they are not Wadds, they are Gibbs style
  6. Wow these are some nice pieces Mark, I may have to look at what I have. I love the top two. What are you looking for? Big?Small?Screws, no screws? Any particular colors?
  7. paid
  8. His choice. I was first I'll take it.
  9. I'll take them for $60
  10. I have one of those also but It will be more than the other. Let's say $40 shipped
  11. Actually the micro brewery is supposed to be opening in the barn/silo directly behind the Stillhouse. You'll be able to buy a beer and drop a shot in by visiting both back to back.
  12. Definitely harder to find Russo's. The only white redheads I have are these two.
  13. So is that some kind of tease Bob?
  14. who painted them?
  15. Offer $360