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  1. It's new but no package. Also dropping price for the lot down to $150 shipped
  2. No response my offer is off the table. Good luck.
  3. Home Depot
  4. Nothing worth a lot here. Masterlure may be the best piece, might be able to get 25-30 for it.
  5. Fish it
  6. 10 years maybe a little older
  7. Jeff Bajek used to be Bluesfish now his plugs are called Striperbites Fish it
  8. Looking to sell these as a lot. I dont collect SS but I do fish them and NJ doesnt get a ton of mackerel on our beaches. Lets say $170 shipped.
  9. Here's a lot of 5 used ones. The rougher ones you can repaint. Campo often repainted his green etc. You can have these for $60 shipped. I think thats pretty fair at $10 each plus shipping. Or you can have the two newer ones for $25 each shipped
  10. Ted I just went and checked and I dont have any yellow. I do have chartreuse in the box.
  11. probably I'll check tonight
  12. $25 shipped Ted
  13. I think I sold it long ago or traded it. But I will check.
  14. Don't really think its a signature but rather a brand. Or maybe Gary built that one and signed it himself.
  15. Really? G Loomis?