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  1. Oh yeah I know Tom he's always at SurfDay. Jersey builder
  2. DT is a fairly popular builder but I dont know much about him
  3. I'm quite certain nobody is willing to let go of a DP4 but I'm throwing two Twisted Mobys out there for consideration.
  4. Just to clarify this was not on any waffle sites. It was an auction site Deal or No Deal so it's a fair assessment of what current values are. There was recently a waffle for a rainbow moby and a rainbow flaptail that was cancelled for lack of interest. I was offered 3 mobys last week at 150 each and several flaptails at 100 each and passed on them as over-valued. I wish you all the luck in the world but the DP4 market is very slim and the guys I know who have them expect a lot more than what you expect.
  5. I'm just saying I saw one come up on FB a couple months ago it was paired with a jointed CCW and the bids got over $500 pretty quickly. Unfortunately the market for Twisted is not what it used to be. LamiMike is the only collector I am aware of. I value the moby at around a CCW danny or canal swimmer. If you're interested in that trade I'll post a few options.
  6. I'd trade it for a CCW but the last DP4 I saw was over $400
  7. yellow and white has been carried but in great shape
  8. Sorry that's $315 retail value. I don't value your two plugs at 315. CCW maybe 120 and Mikes maybe 130
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