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  1. That must be an old photo, it looked a lot older when it was on Jeopardy
  2. Do you know if one of the remaining seven is in Cranford?
  3. Ask some older Filipinos what they think about the Japanese
  4. Thanks Matty! I have company coming over tonight and also on Saturday afternoon, I'm close by in Roseland and available pretty much any other time.
  5. Respectfully offer 140 for the UL trout rod and reel picked up
  6. Are you the mrsinbad from the kfs days? I've never brought one, I have a ton from the tournaments and some I won. Favorite is a Aftco with the thumb holes in the sleeves. One thing is there great when the sun is out, in the dark or a clouldy day with some rain you'll freeze yer ass off.