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  1. Any news on the release date in the U.S.?
  2. A friend of mine bought a Tsunami Rod from a B&T in A.C. While trolling the lure got snagged and the rod broke at the tip. He brought it back to the shop and they gave him a new one. CAN'T BEAT THAT!
  3. This will work, adjust the water pressure at faucet to cover only the area you want watered.
  4. Sudsy, Listerine (original formula) : mixed 50/50 w/water, or mix 50/50 w/Skin So Soft........... it works! Jn
  5. I will never forget when I was a twelve year old ( 68 years ago ) my father was not happy I could not swim. We where out in his boat about three miles off Sandy Hook and he decides it was time for me to learn to swim so he thru me overboard. When I finally got out of that burlap bag it was easy! Jn
  6. Pistol Pete gets it ......... he just left you a SMOKING GUN. Jn
  7. Losing Schiano is not a lost to the Pats, The best thing that ever happened to Schiano was that Ray Rice's mothers car broke down near Rutgers. Rice made Schiano. They both got chopped in the NFL. J.
  8. I have 2 pcs. of 1/2 " plywood cut to fit into the back of my Cherokee. Takes no room and works for me. J
  9. Lev, That's me. My favorite: 7' ML (B.D) St. Croix Rod, 3000 Reel, 20 lb. PP Line. Carry a light five tube bag: bomber,SP, Momba, and small tins. My biggest striper on that set up was 35 lbs.on a 3/4 oz. Hopkins Shorty w/bucktail. P.S. The guy near me with the 11' rod weighed it for me on his boga. Jn
  10. A Fool and a Wizard Costume ............. perfect together! Jn
  11. RL, you get it! Jn
  12. Truman was the President that gave the order to TOAST THEM! Jn
  13. Sucker punched, hell no ......... it was a knife in the back! It's a good thing Harry Truman was President at that time, he knew what to do with those bastards. You could not fully understand unless you were alive at the time like I was. Jn
  14. yogi' What's colors do you prefer here in S.J.?
  15. Ksong, stop fishing and take up singing!