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  1. Al McReynolds (The Former World Record Holder for Striped Bass) passed away at his home in Naples, Fl. on May 10.
  2. That is more Stripers than I caught in A.C. in the last ten years.
  3. No Carona Beer or Bats for me !!! Jn
  4. During that time I was told RK Went On the Lamb to China....... smart move on his part.
  5. That's a Red Herring.
  6. Issues T.D, had this past summer ...... there were thousands of them. If you had a dollar for every sale they missed and customer Bad Will they created you would have Big Bucks.
  7. I am not concerned about the look,however,concerned about how they function as a reel. I am hoping they are a very good reel and a big bang for your buck. Don't want the Visser to become a Pisser.
  8. They Dinged the Dinger!
  9. Max, I almost got it. Jn
  10. Someone told me he was there helping install the new computer system upgrade.
  11. The clowns were not smiling ( actually crying) after they installed their new system. They soon fond out that sometimes cheap is not the best way to go. Unfortunately, the clowns turned it into a THREE RING CIRCUS!!!
  12. His sub contractors have Kids sewing with crappy tread ......... they mfg. crappy products and his customer service is crappy. The name Crapraskinz ....... they earned it!
  13. I spend my Summers in South Jersey, Winters In Florida. White cars for me, they reflect the sun rays better. Works for me.
  14. I think I bumped into this guy in the A,C. area. He was always chunking bunker and smoking. I remember a time he watched me catch a fish and came over to see it. He said, "You should of been throwing that at the the F.........g **** and not the fish" (I was throwing a Bomber). I told him I did'nt, but my Uncle who was a pilot during WWII did.
  15. Did the same using 1/2" plywood.