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  1. TD took a torpedo when they installed that new computer system. Prior to that they were probably the biggest seller of fishing tackle in N.J. Can't believe it's taking so long to fix it. The money they lost an the Bad Will this created ......... they will remember for a loooong time.
  2. So your saying the the Rockaway "Rocks", and for about $99.00 its a Big Bang for your Buck. I only saw pictures of it and it looks good and is very light weight. When I get a chance I will try to look at it at TD, not on computer but at their store.
  3. Have you been taking lessons from Janet Messineo?
  4. Let's assume that both rods will use the same reel, line, and lure.
  5. What's the major difference between this rod and the 10' Black Hole Suzuke light rod other than price? Both seem to be light and strong.
  6. A year or two ago a guy got a Tuna in A.C. ......... he Mc'd it.
  7. My beach buggy is a 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Great on the beach, however, hard to find one in decent shape. If you find one in decent shape that would be a good beach buggy. I am very happy with mine.
  8. Try large velcro strips on the tarp.
  9. Just got done reading this book. What a great read. I think most of the SOL members would enjoy reading it.
  10. Lev, You gotz a lot of stuff.
  11. You got that right. I did not buy the CRV for the beach, I got a Jeep for that.
  12. Your fortunate to have a very good relationship your agent, most of us don't. I have a good company NJ Mfgs, however, no personal agent. If I called as you did all I would do is start a claim, and they are fair on their claims.
  13. Call the insurance agent and that starts a claim. Claims equal higher rates.
  14. I just bought a new CRV- EXL w/AWD. I told the salesman I liked the Subaru for a sandy beach. Of course he told me the new CRV w/AWD would be OK on a sandy beach. I would not take that car on a sandy beach. However, I do like that CRV. It's a very good auto and a good bang for your buck.
  15. Just ordered it today. Looking forward to reading it. Jn