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  1. Appreciate the offer but too rich for me to fish. I could do $60, not trying to offend.
  2. Not looking for new in box- fished is fine. Looking for Smokey joe, yellow, white. Open to others as well.
  3. I’ll take it- if you are local maybe we can meet up and save shipping costs.
  4. I should never have sold it- need one back. I don’t want a white version- wiling to pay for it- lis70mhf is the model. Blue blank...
  5. I would echo the 13 whaler or a 14 McKee. You don't have to update the car- a small sedan can pull a 17 whaler montauk.
  6. Little is new- Dino has swam but not a mark on it. $160 shipped
  7. All have been used but still in great shape. $110 for the lot shipped.
  8. All new, never fished, may have builder blemishes but beyond that, no pointers etc. 130 shipped for all. Not splitting.
  9. Sounds good- pm coming. Second dino still available- $120 shipped
  10. Sold- pm coming
  11. Lowered to $120 shipped
  12. Otter- 120 for the parrot is yours if you want- tried to take close ups of the wear which is minimal.
  13. 120 is my bottom.