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  1. Happy Holidays and thanks for the opportunity
  2. I am in
  3. I have been using 3M grip tape for a few years. It comes in one inch strips and the roll will do 10-15 surf rods. The stuff is great, no matter how slimy your hands get you can get a firm grip on the rod. I have had this stuff on rods for at least 5 years and there is no sign of wear.
  4. I have a orange CTS surf rod that I would like to rebuild using a different guide layout. What are my options to remove the existing guides without destroying the orange painted finish on the rod.
  5. I guess I just had a bad experience with Costa or they have changed their policy since I had glasses that needed repair. I had a pair with glass lens and they wanted something like 60 bucks to replace them. I know use Maui Jims, they were recommended by my eye doctor. Love the glasses but have not had a need to check the warranty.
  6. The ice method is what I have been doing. I let it warm up in the sun, thinkin that the tip section being a larger diameter will expand more than the butt section. I then wrap a really cold rag around the butt section. This has only had marginal results. Is there a type or brand of wax that someone has had success with. I have a couple of Old Breakaway Allstar rods and do not have this problem with them.
  7. I have a 11 ft two piece CTS rod, I assume all of them are tip over butt connections. Anyway my problem is that I do not often take the rod apart but when I have to it is almost impossible to get apart. I usually have to leave it out in the sun and then get my son to hold one end while I twist and pull the other end. I am concerned about damaging the blank because it takes considerable force to get it apart. I have cleaned the tube of the tip section with solvent and cleaned the butt section but this does not seem to help. The blank is painted bright orange (factory Paint). Any help would be appreciated
  8. I appreciate the response. I live close to a big supplier in Orlando and will make the trip hopefully sometime this week. I think I will start with the 25 double foot pick up a 20 double foot and single foot with the rest being singles. I will try both the single and double 20 and decide which I like the best. Again thanks. Oh yes I will be using braid, probably 20 lb.
  9. I am building an 8 ft Rainshadow blank rated for 3/4-3 oz for use to plug cast in the surf. I will be using a 5000 Stradic reel and be using the rod for plug casting in the surf. I would like to try the fuji K frame guides and would like a suggestion on the size stripper guide I would need for this set-up. Thanks for any help
  10. This time of year most people are fishing for pompano from the beach. Cocoa Beach is pretty flat and shallow, I would suggest that you fish at the south end of Cocoa Beach and along Patrick Air Force Base. Tyical rig you see for pompano is a double dropper rig with 3-4 oz weights and either fresh cut clams or sand fleas for bait. You are right nest to port Canaveral and there is a fishing peir there. I do not fish that area but there are snook in the port and a variety of other fish. For the port an 8 ft rod with a 5-6000 size reel wwould work. For the surf I think 10-12 ft surf rod is what you will need. There is always the opportunity to fish the first trough with a shorter rod.
  11. It is not oil based but I think the best paint you can get for Florida is Sherwin Williams Loxon. Not sure what arts farts paints is but this stuff is good but expensive. It is thick almost like painting pudding and not easy to apply. I think it can be sprayed if thinned with water. When it dries it has a esastic property ahat you can strech it quite a bid. It is an excellent moisture barrier, a major issue in most of florida.
  12. I remember back years ago me and my father were freshwater bass fishing and he was using a top water plug and backlashed his Pflueger Supreme. While he was digging out the backlash, I guess he wiggled his rod enough to entice a nice bass to hit the plug. Long story short we handlined in the bass.
  13. First the rods. I am not sure what you plan to fish for but anything smaller than sharks, I would go with a rod rated in the 2-6 oz range. I should know but don't, abouit the shook season. It just opened and I think it will be closed in june. If not that is a fun fish to fish for. Live bait in the surf. Snook typically are right up next tot he shore line so long casting at least for them is not an issue. As long as your rod will handle fish up to 20 lbs you would be okay. We have a lot of whiting, sheepshead, pompano in the surf. That is typically longer cast with a 3-4 oz sinker with a double hook rig and sand fleas or clams for bait. Again a 2-6 oz rod is all you need. I use a 6500ct but have used 7000s. You can handle anything around here with a 6500 except sharks and even with them the 7000 is pushing it. Something you may want to consider is a plugging rod in the 9-10 ft range. something that you can throw 1/2-20z with. Snook will hit minnow type plugs in the surf and there is always the possibility for spanish makeral, jacks and maybe some stray blue fish using small spoons.