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  1. One of the panes of glass fell and broke in one of my front door sidelites. Was my own fault but we wont go into that. Anyways, I have no idea what I have to do or where I can go to get it fixed. In the winter, the windows gets crazy condensation on the inside. Any suggestions are welcome.
  2. Zoomed wayyyy in....
  3. Not sure about price but Warren Thompson & Son did our roof 5 years ago and they did a fine job.
  4. Piece of cake. Hardest part is getting the front of the dryer back on after your finished.
  5. Before the whole shelter in place started, I decided to start doing some woodworking. Had a few basic tools and ordered a couple more things I needed. my first project, measured and cut the pieces....(not from a kit) painted and outside gonna try to make a Dutch style windmill for the front garden next.
  6. Second Worthington...the place Ben mentioned (bolded) is called Delaware River Family Campground.
  7. Hit the ice last weekend for the first time in two years with my brother and my son. Small lake in NW NJ. Had a pretty decent morning! A bunch of bass, pickerel and perch. All on tipups. Went thru 5 dozen minnows!!
  8. Harman Accentra freestanding, our 8th year with it. Replaced some parts but was able to do it myself. Hamer's Hot Ones Pellets Went thru just a little over a ton so far. Burned ALOT the past two weeks! We have it in the front downstairs room in our center hall colonial. Kids rooms (directly above and at top of stairs) are a decent 66-68 and my room upstairs opposite the stove room can get cold sometimes, under 60 but the wifey and I grab an extra blanket and we are good. There's been a few nights this past week we had to turn the furnace on though.
  9. Where was this fish caught? If it was Georgia or Florida google Suwanee Bass
  10. It hasn't been reported in the paper, but there is speculation that he had mono and didnt know it. An enlarged spleen is one of the symptoms of mono. from WebMD Im guessing that if he didn't have the enlarged spleen, he would still be alive today.
  11. Harmon Accentra freestanding.. had it for 6 years now.. .Love it!
  12. Classmate / teammate (baseball) of my son. Such a horrible tragedy. I knew him from HS baseball and coached against him as my son was growing up. Phenomenal athlete and real good down to earth kid.
  13. Going to Canada the second weekend in Sept.. Pike and smallmouth are the targeted fish. Any tips as too what lures to use? This lake, when we go in the spring, tubes and senkos for smallies and rapalas and spinners for the pike. Same deal in September?