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  1. Where are you located?
  2. I’m trying to order some things from them but cant seem to find the website and no call backs. Does anyone have any info? Thanks
  3. Found some items. If you know anybody that lost/forgot some of there gear I have it.
  4. Hi Dan, wobble jigs 5- 5/8 pearl white 5- 5/8 green 3- 1 oz green 3- 1 oz pearl white 3- 1/2 oz white 3- 1/2 oz green Sparkie 5- 3/4 white 5- 3/4 nuc chicken 3- 1/2 white 3- 3/4 sea Robbin smilin bills 5- 3/4 white 5- 3/4 full dress 5- 3/4 chartruce 3- 1oz white 3- 1oz full dress 3- 1 oz chartruce please thank you
  5. Bump
  6. Thanks for offer but that's more than I'm looking to spend.
  7. My parents have a 2002 Chevy Malibu with around 123,000 miles on it which they are getting rid of. I have a 2003 Saturn Ion with similar mileage. Both cars are well taken care of. I am thinking of taking the Malibu from them because it was my grandmothers just to keep it in the family. I am also thinking of keeping the Saturn because it's just easier. Both within the price range you are looking for. Let me know if you are interested.
  8. Looking to purchase a bailed VS 100. Thanks
  9. Just went through the same thing when looking for boot foot waders. Thought I was just bad at googling but now that I read this thread I guess there is a shortage. Was shocked at how little I could find.
  10. Good point lets see if it stands the test of time
  11. I walked into the local B &T to purchase a stradic 3000 after asking to have it spooled up I noticed an advertisement for the Diawa Procyon. After asking to take the diawa out of the display case to try it out I couldn't believe how smooth the reel was. I was definitely buying the stradic when I walked through the door but changed my mind after my quick test drive and hearing some of the reviews from the guy behind the counter. Also it was $30 cheaper. I have used it for the last 3 weeks for fluking and have been converted from a stradic user to a Procyon user. I did by the 2000 series Procyon as it was similar size to 3000 stradic. Definitely worth a look at the diawa.
  12. I'm going to pass for now. Thank you
  13. Ok. If you can post some pictures and I like what I see hopefully we can seal the deal.