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  1. True, but would Americans be able to be this lazy and fat if we didn't exploit third world countries for their labor and resources? Inequality in the US is laughable we are all rich IMO, even the poorest ghetto rat. Inequality between nations is another matter.
  2. How is that? The money will still get spent, all that means is that rich guys get to spend it all , and eventually it will supposedly trickle down to guys like us. I'm OK with it. Let the rich guys have it. They earned it by being smarter, more talented, and luckier than 99% of the population, so it must be God's will. If you're really struggling there's always the safety net welfare, foodstamps and obamaphones. Some of the happiest people I know are pretty poor, while others get bent over it.
  3. When people brag about their success in life, how no one helped them out they had to do it all by thereself etc.. .
  4. Does shellfish make you harny? I got some mussels here that I found lying on the beach. I'm eating them now. .
  5. It seems insecure fishermen, or those lacking in self-esteem, always seem to carry the biggest rods, way more than what is needed . trying to compensate for something?
  6. Inequality probably causes more revolutions than anything. Comparatively speaking the 'poor' in most industrialized countries such as the US live longer and healthier lives than the rich did a hundred years ago. When the whole country is on an equal level, whether poor , middle class, or rich, jealousy does not become a factor. A perceived unhappiness based on factors that are relative and suddenly half the country is bitching and whining cuz they all don't live like some pimped up rock star. It's stupidity really. Most people should just be happy they were born in modern times and not in the old days.
  7. Did you agree to the terms and conditions?
  8. When ya'll done over here, please be sure to check out my new thread 'The Size Of My Rod.'
  9. I think FEMA made them have it here.
  10. So, how big is everyone's rod. Does size even matter?
  11. Did they buy all that with foodstamps?
  12. In other words, socialism the solution.
  13. Hear what youre saying Little but it just don't feel the same. Comparing old-school gangsters, who are some how just sort of relatable blue-collar guys, with today's shady white-collar businessmen is just too much of a stretch. The old school Gs had a code of conduct, however hypocritically it was enforced. No drugs, no ratting, all about family, etc... In today's scene its anything goes, lying to peole taking their hard earned dollars to enrich yourself and your friends. Don't try telling me this guy gave a hoot about anything besides satiating his humongous appetite for power , money , sex, and egotism. Glorifying this sort of thing with publicity is just going to encourage this sort of behavior, and Hollywood doesn't give a crap because they hate America.
  14. Once caught a deeply suicidal cutterfish ... Also, around the Bikini Islands region, pulled up a juvenile sponge battling a sexual identity crisis.