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  1. Have gun, will travel.
  2. "The Forgotten Highlander" is truly sobering. Different Army fighting Japanese soldiers but an eye opener for me. Savage. God bless 'em.
  3. I assume u have a trailer on your bucktails? Strike out and fish other beaches too as stated.
  4. Remember fishing in Seabeck area as a kid, and collecting ash somewhere along the route off i-5. Lots of cool trips in the '71 F-250.
  5. Didn't get to see him much on the West Coast, but definitely a name that had a magical ring to it. One of the giants. RIP.
  6. You have the wherewithal to be a Ray of hope.
  7. Merry Christmas!
  8. U eat that 49# or give to your favorite neighbors?
  9. Nice. Conway Twitty has stepped up his game.
  10. Ha. That and two legged varmints.
  11. The desert has its charm too, much like the water if you go off the beaten path and aren't in a hurry. Camp at night in the desert when the weather is nice. It can be memorable.