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  1. Have u talked to the local bait & tackle shops? They usually have a good grasp of any action happening and/or can recommend a competent guide or boat.
  2. You made your bones. Now a Bona Fide Harvester.
  3. Nicely done. When you think of West Coast striper fishing and how special it is to us you know Mike is a part of that. Waiting on the perch video now.
  4. U can still pick up an old 704 for cheap for the surf. Stick a power handle on and you're good to go. I mostly used Fireline. Have to look into the braid.
  5. "Chicken"s in the bread pan picking out dough." I remember he was a pal of Louis L' Amour. Had to be a good dude. Simpler times. RIP.
  6. Get a few nice outfits as you'll probably end up doing so eventually, or prioritize what you're most interested in pursuing. BG 2500 is fine for perch as you'll want a light rig. U can look at BG 4000 for stripers as a thought. Pretty good bang for the buck. There's a good rod/reel thread at the top of the page too.
  7. Don't wanna step on any toes so if anyone else has first dibs let me know.
  8. I'll take them for $85 shipped PP or Money order.
  9. Wishing everyone a great Fourth!
  10. Shaaaaane! Come baaack!
  11. Do keep us posted. Thanks. The harvesters are shaking in their boots.
  12. Easy to miss the other fish. The Toyota must have been bottoming out.
  13. Nice country.