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  1. Was told it was from a Sonoma area tribe. Not sure of the history. Would be cool if they had tested it like one of Mike's pikies.
  2. Was that San G? I remember DD rocketing metal at the cliffs one time from 75 yards out. Dude has always been a bit of a kook.
  3. She can suck it.
  4. I'll take the Ford Blue.
  5. Wising everyone a great Christmas! Thanks for making West Coast SOL the special place it is. We have a lot to be thankful for.
  6. Welcome to a great site. Some awesome people here.
  7. I like the idea of going light if you're walking a lot.
  8. That pup is getting a snootful of goodness.
  9. Damn Ken! I'm surprised you didn't catch a trout too. You need to get back out there.
  10. Some good loot on that table not to mention linesiders jig heads.
  11. Nice to see everyone and meet the new folks. Thanks Mike and Orlando, and all, for the raffle. Guy did a tremendous job for sure. It's a bonus to come home with plugs, but more importantly having spent the day with first class people.
  12. I would definitely consider it. Perch may be your best bet from the beach if heading out to Ventura.