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  1. Plan B - after a fed up Linesides throws hot grits on you.
  2. Thanks for info.
  3. Stonefish: do people scavenge the bones or are you off the beaten path?
  4. Welcome to the west coast in advance.
  5. Nice work.
  6. Couldn't agree more.
  7. For sure. I won't mention names but it was nice to see people donating plugs, a bunch of rods, etc at the Fling. Awesome group.
  8. That battle scarred mojo raffle plug is going to get some use.
  9. Rookie? The youngster is Kenny's protégé and a good dude.
  10. Thanks Gary.
  11. Thanks Guy for your efforts.The Fling is always a great time. Nice to see everyone; and meet the new guys too.
  12. Too bad you're not coming to the fling as it's a great opportunity to try a variety of rods. I'm sure others will chime in on specific rods. U should consider what you will be throwing: big pikies; metal, minnows; hair-raisers, etc and buy or not buy accordingly.
  13. Will be peacocking in a West Coast SOL hoodie.
  14. U can park outside gate if there early. There's a very small patch of dirt where Highway 1 and La Honda intersect. Heading south it's on your left. Parking is hit or miss. Cross highway to the beach.
  15. Good for you. Fishing is what you make it. Recommend you check out the upcoming fling. An eye opener for me was looking at what the big guns throw. Granted, they throw custom pikies, poppers, etc. But they also catch on hair-raisers.