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  1. I stick w plastic. Pork is great no doubt. But there’s just about every shape size n color in plastic you could dream of available
  2. Heading there today. We check out all the boats we’ll never buy. Have a few cocktails. Hey maybe I’ll go home with a tender boat….
  3. Most fish early on are holdovers. With that said a lot of fish that time of yr are just becoming active. Seems that the smaller fish tolerate the cooler waters better. Before the power plant was shutdown, you’d be able to plug fish up to 15 LBs from the outflow March 1.
  4. I’ve caught a 15 lb’r on a live killie fishing for crappie in Lenape lake on 6 lb lest and an UL freshwater rod. We thought it was a monster catfish at 1st. True strains of stripers live far inland. As far as the Tennessee river.
  5. I’ve been at a spot in Monmouth county behind a church that has minnows every single time I’m there. It’s a very skinny spot and not super well know. But I’ve waited in line to toss my trap in the water. A 10 minutes soak us all you needed.
  6. Thank you
  7. ‘If’ I can find access? Is there an issue there finding spots to fish?
  8. Hey folks, heading down to the Ponte Vedra area in November for business. Going to stay a few days to enjoy the Florida coast. Curious about any type of fishing that will be good at the time and possibly appropriate gear. I haven’t been in that area of Florida for a while. I’d enjoy some light tackle surf fishing if I could. I might pick up a travel style rod to get into some easy simple action. Thanks
  9. Im not far from the Tom’s River. There’s a couple of hot spots. And they get crowded quickly. Grass shrimp are great if you can get them. Blood/sand worms work well. My favorite it artificial. Small grubs on jig heads small crankbaits small spoons all will work. Finding them is the key.
  10. I started calling it walmazon during the mandates. Only thing you could do was order Amazon and go to Walmart…. as much as I hate Amazon, and I buy very little from them, i get some hrs in there. We get to run duct in their warehouses. Problem is werehouses are very straight forward. A big ass building we’re done in several weeks.
  11. Looks like JHU released an article about how lockdowns and shelter in place did little to stop the spread of Covid 19….
  12. Ocean gate yacht basin. The old man is top notch
  13. I was on a job where there were masons pouring the floor where the buck hoist was. There was an incoming storm headed straight towards Atlantic City in the distance. The general contractor on the job wouldn’t let the men stop working. The buck hoist got hit with lightening and went staring down the cable. One of the masons I walked past all day long got hit. May he rest his soul in peace.
  14. You mean to tell me that world peace isn’t eminent after changing pancake lady’s syrup bottles..???
  15. I try not to do Amazon. I could only imagine I’d rather feel the rod instead of just blindly purchasing.