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  1. I don’t own 1 and honestly don’t want to. But I have the feeling I would feel the same exact way..
  2. So I never purchased a fishing license online. I prefer to go to the B&T to get mine. The local shop by me I normally GoTo stopped selling fishing licenses so I looked at getting them online. No issues there but I didn’t get the physical license due to the extra fees involved. (Rec fishing $2 rec shellfish $2 rec crabbing $2). I got a weird thing with giving NJ anymore of my money. So long story short I don’t have the physical licenses and may have accidentally erased the email from the state verifying my purchase. I do have a screenshot of my receipt from fish & game. Is there a way to at least get something besides a screenshot, maybe am electronic copy, and without paying additional fees?
  3. PVC comes in differing qualities. Some are more rigid than others. The solid core pipe is pretty sturdy and will last a while. I’ve got spikes going on 15-20 yrs old w/o worry. To each their own...
  4. As ridiculous as it is, there is a reports thread here in NJ
  5. Now there’s tons of spearing around. Later on we get herring and bunker will be the main forage. Early to mid summer most of your main baitfish w still be around. But they have spawned so there will be clouds of juvenile fry over most of your backwaters. Don’t get pigeonholed into thinking on this or that will work. There’s always exceptions.
  6. Just like the seasons, your bag must evolve along the yr. You can just say I’m going to put these lures in there and expect results. What’s in my bag now is not the same as it will be in the rest of the yr. Same goes with the late spring selection won’t be the same as the summer and fall stuff. Etc...
  7. They make a slight showing in BB as bycatch while blowfishing
  8. Many nice bass have been taken w wire leaders and live bunker. Don’t let the group think internet mentality fool you.. That being said, looks like I’ll be fishing for bluefish most of the yr...
  9. Im a mono guy through n through. There’s a time & place for braid (heavy vegetation or cover). But If’n there’s open water I’m fishing mono.
  10. Always catch a bunch targeting crappie & yellow perch this time of yr on small plastics and a lead head or marabou jigs.
  11. Hard pressed to find me spending that kinda coin on a metal...
  12. With 2 little ones IMO you’d be better off in a 14 or 16’ johnboat or tin boat. Not much to be gained in a canoe besides a little speed. You have more freedom to move around in either of the 2. Once you’re in the canoe seats that’s pretty much what you got until you reach your destination or are finished for the day.
  13. There’s beach cams up and down the coast. And whatever structure is there today may very well be completely changed in a week. If not gone
  14. Whatever you buy just make sure it’s a shimano
  15. That things long gone. Going on 24 yrs now..