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  1. Go away 

  2. Anyone add to this?
  3. I’d give up stripers forever if we could have weakfishing like we used to..
  4. Anyone wanna add to this?
  5. This is true. Silly commercial non the less..
  6. Brining up an old thread only bc of the great info. Can we add to this?
  7. Supposed to be closed by fall i think
  8. New hooks. Not worth the time money or effort to sit and polish hooks
  9. That’s a lot of sandwiches going to waste...
  10. Exactly. I don’t even both with the ocean until fluke opens...
  11. Kinda late for peepers.. they showed up late February. Temps were slightly above average. March crashed and burned. Better late than never methinks
  12. We will rebuild!!!
  13. Shoot. When my grand pop used to catch squirrels he somehow got them in a garbage bag and taped it to the car muffler with the car running. Y’all are getting soft nowadays... He also got shot at by nazis. No joke...
  14. So you’re saying those people are casting into the dunes..??