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  1. Forsythias bloomed. It’s been time for at least the past 2 wks. Man I miss weakfishing more than anything. I’d give up stripers for the rest of time for weakfish like it used to be.
  2. Actually flattening the curve extends the longevity of the pandemic itself. It just doesn’t spike so drastically as to overwhelm the infrastructure. But it lasts longer bc generally the same amount of people get infected. Just not all at once...
  3. Wondering the same. With this entire event, you never know what tomorrow holds. What’s opened today might not be what it is next wk, or even tomorrow... Trying to be optimistic here
  4. kind of unsettling. fishing is deemed ok, but they keep shutting down access.. SSH beach and bay access is no bueno. IH boardwalk was just shut down. whats next...
  5. I have the smaller version of that. Good blade. Picked up the CRKT ceo not too long ago. So far I’m digging it.
  6. if'n there was ever a time for the dancing banana emoji, this would freaking be it!!!
  7. I just paid my slip the wknd before this all went nucking futz. Oh well. Hope we get to the other side of this in one piece and quick. They’re saying the spike might not be until June
  8. I got plenty to do. Bathroom to tile. 2 boats to paint. A second raised bed garden to build. I haven’t even gave fishing a real thought this yr yet. And March is 1 of my favorite months to hit it. Being stuck home is best case scenario for me.
  9. only 100 yrs ago
  10. is fishing banned during the 'curfew' hrs?
  11. when NJ is not taking money that people are willingly trying to giving them, you something serious is going on...
  12. Put the hook thru the loop twice. Locks the hook in place.
  13. This thread makes me happy I own a skiff to hit the same waters. It’s so much more $$$ but it’s so much more peace of mind...