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  1. There’s literally so many different plastic trailers to chose from it can be mind boggling. I do like the chamois idea. I’ve heard about that yrs back and must have forgotten about it. But I’m a simpleton. Right now it’s hard to change from a 6” curly tail..
  2. I can’t see much on the dark anymore..
  3. The frantic fisherman has been left off the list. They guy that cycles thru every plug known to mankind after 4 cast without a fish. Casting and cranking without realizing he’s going 5x too fast. Also has to play hopscotch to be right in the ‘action’ as to not miss a thing. God forbid the fish blowing up at an angle other than 90° to him and the rest of the shoreline. He’s on pace for 10,000 steps in a 2 hr fishing session….
  4. I’m against replenishment. But that didn’t happen the last time they did it..
  5. I’m cheap. Keep the hooks for blackfish. Can’t have too many snaps once you learn to tie your own rigs and I guess the 3 way swivel will have a use at some point..
  6. Nope but I have seen some local club guys drive through someone’s line with zero regard that it was another human. Just backed up and kept the line of sight on the prize. Like a dog looking at a treat after doing a trick. As far as crowds I’ve gotten to the point where I’m still fishing the backwaters at night. Smaller fish but I prefer light tackle. I go up to the beach once the sun crests and watch the chaos ensue….
  7. Ragg wool. Anything else is a waste of $$
  8. I don’t want anything more than a barely 28” keeper. Sometimes you have to wade thru some undersized fish to get 1..
  9. I prefer my rear hooks facing up. Personal preference..
  10. Bunker in the south are definitely more yellow than the 1s in the NE
  11. I tried Friday morning. It was getting to that point of almost out of hand. No fish. Saw mullet. Had to bail to prep the boat for the storm.
  12. Yup they work too. Single hook is always preferred. I have a strange attachment to Hopkins. Very hard to shake!!
  13. 1/8-1/4 oz Hopkins metal. Give it a twitch every 3rd crank. 5’ UL rod 4-6lb test and a 10-12 lb leader.
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