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  1. I got a cheap one at Walmart last year. 14.98 but its a great bag. It has plenty of pockets, mesh pockets on the sides for drinks or whatever. It also has a insulated pocket on the back that holds 3 bottles of water. To top it off the thing has a lifetime warranty, i threw the receipt out as i walked out the door as always.
  2. After a 4 hour fight how do you think the tuna made out?
  3. I think you will enjoy it. I have an 8'6 steelhead rod that is great for schoolie, albies and bass up to 20 or so pounds. Nice soft action, i can fish it for days. Soft tip will be good for the tender lips of the shad.
  4. I was out on a boat last year and we had green crabs and did pretty good. Fishing slowed down for about an hour any my buddy pulled out a small bucket of hermits. They were like crack to the blackfish. Not sure if it was just the bait or if they turned on with the tide but i have never seen fishing turn around like that before.
  5. 1- Bring a vehice 2- Check online now and make some calls, the chamber of commerce is really helpful. 3- Point Judith Rhode Island will be the only boats running that time of year. 4- Bring everything you need, tackle, food etc. A trip to the island is expensive enough without shopping out there. Damn near everything will be closed when your out there.
  6. Anybody have stats on the strength of a dropper loop knot? I never even considered using one since i know its a weaker knot. I have busted enough of them while tog fishing to not try it on bass.
  7. You shouldn't have warned him about the ink shot!
  8. The only time i wear tape is when i fish the canal and i'm throwing heavy stuf for hours on end. Never needed it for anything else.
  9. Stealth 2.
  10. Free bum for you, the bags are bulletproof. I have one and its a great bag.
  11. I have gotten into all out fluke blitzes at night. Fish a cast type of fishing. They were all 10-14". They hit plugs, teasers and eels. It happened 2 years in a row at the same place, wish they were keepers.
  12. My favorite is a Lami super surf 11' 1 piece. That rod can launch an eel like no other rod that i have used. Due to transportation issues i haven't used it much the last few years, now i am primarily using a Century stealth. Also great eeling rod, slow enough to really power the cast without losing too many eels.
  13. 2/0, similar in size to the VMC 3/0
  14. I bought a bag of them last year to give them a shot. I didn't cut any of them so i cant comment on that aspect. I did have one bend on a marginal keeper which really surprised me. THey are a bit heavier than a comparable VMC. I will stick to VMC's in the future.
  15. I will do 3 for 25 if that deal is still on the table.