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  1. This thread is dedicated to the hottest woman on this planet..... Post your pictures of Brooke Burke here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Post a picture or name who you would like to spend Valentines Day with.
  3. pee on it......but take it off first................................or not......whatever.
  4. its amazing that prince has TWO!!!!!! One excited and one just chill. He is a much more talented man then I ever gave him credit for.
  5. The Olsen Twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TWINS GO.
  6. Wu-Tang is for the children.
  7. I think this show is great. Gives these geeks all this time with these beautiful women. all the beauties are pretty hot but...how gorgeous is Megan Hauserman!
  8. I hit my hatch on the west coast. This was a trout / fly fishing lake only so no bass in it. Although I would love to fish bass in a dragon hatch. Philly is totally right.... they definately were moving towards the shore cause we caught all our fish within about 2 to 7 feet from the bank. We were in float tubes. Weird for us cause we had lots of Damsels and when our Mature Dragon Flys were ruined we tried the damsels (closest thing in out batch) and they were just NOT hitting them. I mean we caught a few on damsels but nothing like the dragons. Litteraly every cast was an AWESOME strike..
  9. Google? Never heard of it. HA HA....... JK yeah I checked but I suck at search engines so I thought I'd ask. Thanks for the other cams!!!
  10. Anyone ever hit a dragon fly hatch and happen to have some dragons in stock. I managed to hit a hatch and that was the funnest fishing. The trout were jumping out of the water to catch the hatching dragon flys. Never jumped to strike our sailing flys but they hit them hard and fast on the water. Unfortunetly I only had 2 flys and those got thrashed in about 15 minutes. Very cool. Just wondering if anyone else has had that experience. Note: have a few full dragon fly's in your stash just in case you ever hit one it is worth it.
  11. Whats up everyone.....new to the site!! Wondering..... I saw the deer webcam and the african webcam from just looking around. Anyone else know of any wildlife webcams?