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  1. I have that same exact bike. Helluva lotta fun.
  2. +1 unless you have years and years of experience at that distance under your belt. If this is your first bow, I'd advise against hunting at all this year with it. A humane kill with a bow takes practice, practice, practice.
  3. Yep, I had the yellow one too
  4. What turned me off HD was the pirate costume that's apparently required to ride one. HD bandanna? Check. HD branded briefs? Check. "Born to Ride" logo shirt when I know you ride maybe twice a month.....Check. The biggest group of conforming non-conformists there is. I got a lot of disapproving looks riding my VTX while wearing my Joe Rocket mesh jacket and full face helmet, but at least I'm cool and protected while your brains and tribal tats will be smeared across a hundred yards of country road between bar stops. Best thing I ever did was dump the cruisers and pick up a Honda CB500X.....small, light, and a helluva lotta fun in the twistys without a dangerous amount of horsepower. The HD image just doesn't appeal to young people anymore, and why would it? While their parents are out on their monthly poker run thinking they are badass, their millennial kids are back at home scoring random trim online and knocking one out on their parents' couch. If you were in your early twenties again, which would you rather be doing?
  5. Big chicks try harder...just stay above, in front of, or behind...never under
  6. I've seen 5 so far this summer, two very up close and personal while mowing grass at camp. Up until this year, I had seen maybe two or three in my lifetime, so at least here in PA they seem to be on the move.
  7. Hopefully the trigger has been improved, my series I Shield's trigger feels very gritty. On the upside, it has been flawless with every type of ammo I have run in it.
  8. There are more people living inside this circle than outside it, seems like a logical place to start...we can get cheap toys and tech support elsewhere.
  9. Check out this video at 2:28