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  1. You is da Candy Man! Who can take a blank hook Cover it with goo Shoot it with a black light and a miracle or two Oh, the Candy Man can
  2. If given a choice between watching 22 angry dykes running around a pasture for 90+ minutes in an incomprehensible nearly scoreless contest against four smoking hot hard body babes in bikinis playing beach volleyball where a team actually scores a point every minute or so, I'll take the latter. I was somewhat bothered by the one US soccer frau who wrapped her shoulders in the American flag during the victory celebration only to discard the prop on the deck when the photo ops was complete with the same indifference as one would dispose of a used Kleenex. As my old HS football coach used to refer to the world's favorite sport: "Commie kickball." I'd probably enjoy women's soccer more if they encouraged an NHL style cat fight or bench clearing brawl every now and then.
  3. Tackle Ho' / Junkie that I am, of course I bit and ordered several packs. I agree with Scooby and prefer the action with a jig head vs. weighted swimbait hook. I've caught a few redfish on them with the swimbait hooks, and they're quite good for tossing into the grass, shallow water, at high tide without fouling. But for any other application, spinner blades on a regular jig head with a plastic grub, a la the Roadrunner, have been around for decades and are significantly less expensive. I like 'em, but they're 2nd teamers in my box.
  4. X 2 well said. Without going into a big philosophical blather or an attack on tournament angling, I think that kind of competition corrupts the whole idea or ethos of sport fishing more often than not. Sure, most guys follow the rules, but there's always a handful who are seeking notoriety or cash and who don't mind cheating or acting like total a-holes to get either. Good natured competition between friends on the water or the beach, even some small wagers or jackpots are one thing, but when you have the big purses that some tournaments offer, it often brings out the worst in people. We had a guy down here who was staking out redfish for tournaments, winning many. He got caught and is banished from any local tournaments forever, but no fines or legal action, which I'm sure LE and the local DA decided weren't worth pursuing. Then I think about the reckless operation of boats I see during our local king mack and other offshore tournaments with 30'+ boats with 900 horses in the back zorching through the ICW to get to their spot or the weigh in on time--that guy in the 12' jon boat be damned. And I don't like seeing big billfish & sharks being killed for big paydays and their carcasses donated to local food kitchens as justification. But to each his own. I choose not to be involved. I don't hold it against those who do; many are my good friends.
  5. Those are some Brontos! And from what I gathered in the previous thread here on Jupiter, FL, you have a chance of catching blackfins as well. Question on tactics down there-- are you cruising looking for birds & breaking fish like out of Harkers or are you chumming them up? (Picture of the guy with the cast net caught my eye.) Most excellent photos of the action and the carnage in the aftermath.
  6. What a great story. You have a gift for writing. My Dad passed away on Father's Day 5 years ago at the age of 91. I think he planned it that way. He's still the best man I've even known. He would do anything, sacrifice anything for his family and kids. The greatest gift he gave me and my older brother, aside from his time, was introducing us to the great outdoors.
  7. I use my Certate 3000 for SW: speckled trout, redfish, flounder, albies, Spanish macks and our NC inland stripers in brackish. It has held up great, but recommend you clean and lube the line roller and the bearings inside the handle (both sides) regularly if you use it in salt. Mine is an older model. I've got one of the new ones on order based on Scooby's glowing review.
  8. Double post
  9. Dang! I thought I "discovered" that. Look at Z-Man's Trout Tricks. They're just a worm. (Buoyancy of Z-man's plastic holds them up while the jig head is on the bottom. Very effective.)
  10. Beauteous. And a cow is relative to the tackle it's caught on. Break out the 6 weights!
  11. I only have four fly tying books in my "library," both of Bob P's books and Ken Abrames books--both out of print and now very expensive on the auction sites. With the internet, there really isn't much of a need these days for fly tying instructional books. Bob P's are a notable exception. He really breaks it down with detailed step by step photos of the highest quality and clearly understandable instructions on design and technique. I believe Ed Jaworowski was co-author, photographer for "Pop Flyes." Another true fly fishing giant.
  12. Try Bish's Tear Mender adhesive. Best thing I've found for gluing rabbit strips together. Should do the same with chamois. Only drawback to the product is that it will dry out quickly in the bottle. I've found that sealing the top of the bottle with a small piece of plastic food wrap and then screwing the cap back on helps to preserve it.
  13. Superb. I wish I could see it in the water. (With a big cow chasing it.)
  14. Exceptional catch! How far offshore? (I'm assuming not too far).
  15. Just speculating, but could hook have been damaged in the vise by clamping down too hard?