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  1. Cape Cod Charlies Sells Native Mackerel
  2. Hows the Mackerel Bite? Are they around in good numbers. Don't want to make the trek across the bay for low numbers.
  3. Own 2 of the vsx250b. Fished hard for one season and both have been sent in for repairs. Both had water intrusion and cost 130 a piece to fix. Very disappointed
  4. Im just trying to find out if this is fact. U know how rumors start on the canal. Ive seen my share of them snap
  5. can't think of the name but the gun shop in attleboro has some
  6. New never used no boxes. 200$ picked up for both add 20 for shipping
  7. Let me put the facts into these rumors. Never a spill on the highway. First trip up with 500lbs pumps failed eels die. Sh?: happens. Second attempt truck with 1500lbs blew its axel. No Spill. Delivery man fixes truck eels are here . Go get em
  8. Great video cap.
  9. Hell of a day cap. Rip tide back at what he does best making people smile.
  10. cape cod charlies. Best clams around. He gets them fresh and then freezes them.
  11. Before the bend or after for the macs? Great report cap.
  12. I actual want them to open the spring commercial fishery. If u were at the meeting in falmouth u would of seen that the only people pushing for the fall com fishery were the people who owned the potting license. Falmouth where 80% of all potters dock there boats. Spring was an equal opportunity for rod and reel and potters to make some money. The potters won the vote and now corner the market.
  13. When they switched the com fishery to the fall that was a joke. To protect the female they say. Well i can tell u this. The quota is filled with i would say 80% females in the fall. Males r out deep out of reach. The potters r pulling in 75% of the quota. With them any keeper size goes in the tote mostly females. Bring back the spring fishery so all can enjoy.
  14. Looks like he's been dead for a couple of years due to moss build up. Out of curiosity was he in a swamp or watery area.
  15. Got it thanks for the half wolfdog