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  1. Never seen so many ocean sunfish in the canal and CCBay as in the past month. Also, last week came along a seagull wrapped up in fishing line. Tried to help but wouldn't let me get near. Somehow it managed to fly off.
  2. Been there twice this week. Didn't catch a fish but didn't give that a second thought. First, watched a gigantic petroleum tanker silently pass through. Later, watched the train cross the railroad bridge and marveled as the bridge was lowered and raised. Workers on the bridge were rappelling along side the counterweights and outer tower. Then had a delicious breakfast at Leo's. Next day had lunch at the east end and watched the largest private yacht I've ever seen pass through. Could only wonder who was on it. Ten minutes later a whale breaches forty yards directly in front of me. Gotta appreciate this special place.
  3. RIP Rick. Thanks for the great music.
  4. Yep. They looked like that. About 1 inch long.
  5. Stumbled upon a worm hatch going on in a south side bay yesterday evening. Laid down on the dock and watched dozens of bass in five feet of water cruising, circling and take off to the top to slurp them down.. Great to watch. I think more like a fish now
  6. Very nice video. Thx for posting.
  7. Went looking (by boat) for FA's Sat morning. Didn't find any but found lots of small 3-5 pound blues. Hits on almost every cast. Any 3 inch small metal worked fine. Also saw a seal and a sea turtle. Great fun on light rods.
  8. Anyone use boot studs (screwed into your boot soles) on the rocks? Are they effective, do they last or should I just go with Korkers? Thx.
  9. Cross piece on my boat trailer is rusted out. Trailer is old and don't know the manufacturer. New section will have to be made. Can anyone recommend a good metal fabricator/welder in Cape Cod /Wareham area? Thx.
  10. May, 2017 off MV.
  11. In my opinion, so far this year, bluefish are not in the abundance I've seen in other years. Maybe it's just me.
  12. In my humble opinion, it could go off any day this week. Late afternoon tides, warmer weather and sw winds should trigger things. I'll be looking. I put in lots of casting practice this past weekend
  13. Yep. Saw boats unloading squid on Saturday. If you have a boat, usual spots south of Hyannis are producing. No bass or blues for me from shore along the south beaches but many reports of schoolies in rivers and estuaries.
  14. I was casting from the beach recently and had a boater setting up drifts right in front of me. His wife and kids (I think) were with him. As stupid as he was, I would never consider throwing a 6 oz lead sinker at him and injuring someone. What I did do was put both hands on my hips and stare him down. He got the message and moved on. Lots of stupid people out there. Don't make it worse by becoming one yourself.