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  1. oh, and when i say beaches.. i ask because im not sure of them. I dont know if it is legal to fish on any beach that i choose. I dont want to go to a beach that is crowded with people and try to cast out lol. dont want to pull in a little kid and i have a question for the cape canal. i drive over the bourne bridge everyday to come to work(im in the national guard, so i go to camp edwards) and look out into the water saying im going to go there when it gets nice out. but , where exactly is a good spot? its so big i dont know where to go lol. i know no fisherman wants to give out his special spot, but can someoen please direct me in a decent one?
  2. Hi, i search these forums all the time but with very little success. Can someone please tell me of some good beaches, docks, bridges etc.(because i dont have a boat) where I can fish off of(and what is expected to be caught) around fall river,massachusetts. i will drive up to two hours to reach a location if need be. Usually I fish off a bridge in new bedford and catch stripers, tog(got a HUGE one last year!), scup, eel, blues etc.. but i want to try something new. I really want to try fishing from a beach or a new bridge. So if you guys can please give me the names of a beach, bridge or whatever and where it is located, that would help a lot. I will google the directions if you dont feel like posting once again, thanks for any and all your help
  3. im from fall river and just started to fish(last year). i dont really know any spots yet, could someone please tell me some good places to fish? bridges.. piers... surf, anything that dosent require a boat. thanks
  4. also, does anyone know any beaches that are good for fishing? i tried horseneck beach last year, but it wasnt any good. and for people who fish on beaches, what do you 'think' is the min. casting distance needed?
  5. hi, i have been reading the forums and i see that a lot of people praise daiwa. my question is, what is better? the daiwa emblem 5500 pro or the 4500? whats the difference? also. would i be able to stick this reel on any pole? currently i own two poles. they're both shakespear(sp?). one is 7' and the other is 6' i believe. im going to be buying a new pole, something bigger, since i want to be able to get greater casting distance.
  6. auctually, i am located in fall river. i dont like to fish in the taunton river, everyone says its a horrible place to fish(decent place to fish, you just cant keep anything due to being in poluted waters. i like to c&r but i like to keep atleast one or two a trip to eat ). ive heard a lot about the power plant, but the same goes for that area. thanks a lot for the tips guys, but im willing to hear of every spot around mass
  7. hi, i asked this before but, i was just told to find places myself(using a map and other ideas). i would love to be able to try and find places myself.. but i just dont have the time. my brother and i are both in the military full time, and i am also in school full time. so when i go fishing i only have a couple of hours to go(on a non busy day). can you guys please tell me some places where i can fish? i fish in newbedford off a bridge, which to me, seems very good. i catch stripers (biggest one ive ever caught was 39 inches), tog, pogy(sp?), eels, this one HUGE/FAT strange looking eel, and lots of other things. but i just want to be able to try out new spots. i hear you guys always talking about a place called the big ditch- where is it? so can someone please let me know of some good places to fish? not on a boat, seeing how neither of us can afford one.. so can someone just let me know of good piers, shores, bridges etc where i can fish other than in NB. thanks a bunch and one other thing, only salt water please. we dont enjoy fresh water fishing nearly as much as salt water
  8. hi, im very new to fishing and have a question on these(are they jigs? i dont even know what they're called lol). since last year when i started to fish, i have always used nothing other then differnt size hooks and frozen bait. when you use things like this(does it matter if you use them for fresh water/salt water?) do you have to use bait on the hooks? i doubt it, but i still wanted to ask.
  9. sorry, i didnt mean auctual directions on how to get there. i just mean be more specific with the area so we can find it. here in fall river i dont know where any rivers,harbors or outflows are.
  10. thanks, but to be honest, we dont know any good places lol... we only did deep sea fishing and some small little place near a highway, which we hated. we always went to the same place, its a bridge in newbedford. that place was great but, i dont know if it'll be good this time of the year since its cold. so we want to try that, and other places. but since we dont know any, im here asking you guys to tell us some spots. so if you(or anyone) knows places to go for saltwater fishing please let me know how to get there with directions. thanks!
  11. hi, my brother and i started to fish last year.. it was really fun. alot of people we talk to say we cant fish until atleast april 1st, which is too far away. does anyone know any places around massachusetts(we're from fall river) where we can fish right now(salt water)? we dotn have a boat, we've gone deep sea fishing, but the both of us prefer to just fish off a bridge or cash right into the water from the shore. so if anyone knows any spots where we can go to this time of the year, please let me know! thanks
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