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  1. I am heartbroken to tell all of the friends of riverrunner on stripers on line that he died on November 15th of complications from his first chemo treatment for Hodgkins lymphoma he truly enjoyed communicating with all of you on a daily basis for years we all will miss him!

  2. I wonder if he knew my grandfather he was also there. God bless them.
  3. Lousy troop spitter ingrate. Just sayin
  4. Sonny boy and comrades. 3 tours 2 in both Falluga campaign's.
  5. HBD Mofos. Best to all of you.
  6. Did Mumm get lost. Can't wait to hear about that deer.
  7. What a jack wad.....your previous posts reveal what you really think. Troop spitter
  8. Really....that narrative was great. Easy to post a hero pic , which I like, but the tale. That's the best. Congrats fellow nimrod.
  9. Thats awesome not only the kill but the tale. I luv this chit
  10. Duhhhhh.....thats what I've been asking. Come on Mick, ya get laid lately ? You live in the most deadly beautiful pieces of earth on the planet.
  11. Mick.....I said this from the start when I saw the rabbit hole u went down and good people tried to give you a way back. Tim's and other good men tried to at least to show you a bit of light....a way back from the abyss. It's what we do here in our own little way here on SOL. My Aussie friend, it is ok to say, perhaps I might have been wrong about some things I have said. You have friends on the other side. I tried to open up a conversation with you about how your life goes "down under". Ya know real life. You just ignore the invite and post your endless reams of in my opinion nonsense. Just trying to let you know it's ok to climb out of the rabbit hole, especially here on SOL. Lotta people say dumb chit here but we are a forgiving bunch. My original point in the beginning when I saw your multiple posts and good men stood up with reason and logic as an answer....it would be for naught. And so it goes. Best to you. 9/11 truthers Sandy Hook deniers Scummy lies.....actually more disgusting than that, but I digress. Come to the light.
  12. Just trying to open up a dialogue with you Mick....other than your constant rants. Really how do you make a living now.....benefits etc Scummy lies.......that the worst thing you posted yet. Go ask the kids parents that died if it was fake. Thats really scummy.
  13. Absolutely....