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  1. I like driving the cart and drinking. I go about 3 times a year. Sonny boy has become quite the golfer. He has a friend that graduated from PSU in golf management...we all laughed. You should see his shop WTF really hi tech. He was recently named best "golf teacher" in one of the national mags. Jokes on us. My son gets free lessons. This is his newest driver apparently Tiger uses the same one. Custom shaft and grips. I smacked him on the back of the head when he told me what he paid for it...lol
  2. Very strange spring. The big girls allude me.
  3. Its been forever since I was out. Horrible weather plus g-kid covid safe house. No big girls. Bunch a dinks but 3 over 18 inches. No picks of all just a representation of the day.
  4. G-kid declared his own province in his "New secret" discovery. Lol I like it.
  5. They r here now.....bring em on, there is no stopping it. RE: Flatheads
  6. ^^^^^ Made belly laugh.....thanks
  7. 80 pure goodness. Messy kitchen . Home made pierogies. Tasty butter onion cheese and potatoes slow simmered in a hot pan. What a mess.
  8. The interwebs.....no way u can't find a bike for your kid u pay for.
  9. This will not end well.
  10. Luv the dirt on the face.
  11. Curious.....PA requires a permit for bobcat. Same same there or no ?
  12. Silly propeller heads captured a visitor. Sat him down and he no run. Apparently likes hot dog buns. Lol