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  1. Remember when you didn't have so many choices. I still like reloading when it comes to accuracy. Now they make, let's just say an 06, that is guaranteed to kill every thing within sight but only at this, latitude longitude, county, borough, town, mountain, etc. Hurts my head. And they are only 30 bucks a box.
  2. He's a little delicate. Not there is anything wrong with that.
  3. Why not.......builds character.
  4. My baby just shipped today. Twill b interesting. Canceled the "Hunter" order . Nice piece but not quite what I wanted. First time I ever ordered a gun without touching it. We shall see if I paid enough attention to the details.
  5. WORD
  6. 6/7 hour day. Divided by 50. 5/6 an hour. They do add up but not over the whole season. I call bull chit also.
  7. ^^^^ Yep those "50" a day dinks really don't count but they add up.
  8. Again big number. Dude probably fishes 365 and then estimates. Some people our just weird.
  9. That's a big number.....gotta b counting dinks. Me smallies. Probably a thousand a year times 40. He might not be to far off but who keeps count. I'm sure you are pretty close since u r a sharpie but don't keep count.
  10. If true......who was watching ? Enablers or just greedy people. A conundrum.
  11. And laugh.
  12. ^^^^ Tim let this thread go because you have been christened "Are Shepherd". Politics, religion, and family our pretty much a no go in the Tavern. It's kinda like a real bar here. You got a special dispensation from the Pope. All the things you concentrate on here do not have to be big dark/enlightening things, depending on your view. Branch out brother.
  13. That crazy eyed privileged bitttttchh was a mess about half way into this. I watched her from the beginning to the end. The unmitigated gall to continue, not only continue, but start to rig the results disgusts me. I get the whole "everyone" says this about new ideas thing. She fuquin knew along with others this wasn't going to work. Hang her and her enablers high.
  14. That 380 has come a long way. Close range lethality with all the new chit. I have enough on my plate right now but it is something I'm interested in too.