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  1. This dude was way serious about his tree stands. I saw several in strategic locations all camoed with christmas tree decorations along with at least 3 cameras that I saw.
  2. Beagle brigade out and about. Sonny boy found a great new place to hunt locally which in itself is quite the accomplishment. We don't shoot sitting or jumped wabbits unless the barrrooo dogs jump them and they get on it. We also almost exclusively use that massive .410 in long guns and pistolas. A little snow for visibility and almost every wabbit tried to go straight to a hole. We hate holes. Sometimes they run in a circle, the best, sometimes straight way out and they are the hardest for the dogs to turn but it's awesome when they do. Nice day out. Elmer Fudds several shots nuttin, wabbits win. Barooo dog was pissed they kept holing up.
  3. Careful out there, from your description of the cases involved this is fairly big time chit. Best to you in interesting times.
  4. Says the guy who never killed a turkey with a rifle. What a silly premise your operating on. Amuses the fuq out of me. Just say you hit feathers and not the body. It's ok to miss. It happens.
  5. That thing is beautiful. The scale pic really does it justice.
  6. He farkin grazed it that's obvious....pufff feathers run away. A 300 mag....just curious why are you shooting turkeys with it ? Quite the sportsman you are.
  7. Nice weather forecasting though T mac.
  8. Such silliness....amuses me
  9. NOT
  10. Your just stupidly uninformed.....the ranch owner's where thinking " NJ putzes they will believe any thing and they can't shoot either. WORD. 300 Mag and they walk away....that's some serious turkeys.
  11. "I was told a head shot or nothing".....with a 300 mag.