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  2. Take to the ASSBABY.....you dip chits from there start a thread here, then just can't resist. A pox on your house a floor below. Keep it there.
  3. AWESOME......did ya hang it heads up ?
  4. Tell him from me to keep on keepin on. I look like him at present and he is like 15 years older. Me thinks a fine example of "passing it on". Looka you and your kids. Fine VA "gentlemen". Seriously, give em a hug, say thanks.
  5. Persistence....good things will happen.
  6. Jase....your Dad per me cause I'm farkin old also, and from what you say about him. An inspiration as to what it is all about. I tried I think with some success to "pass it along" I'm pretty much blessed . I get to hunt not only with my son but the g-kids to. Tell him to stop carrying that "heavy REM"....might add a year or two.
  7. Mitchell...the above is what it's all about.
  8. You should be proud. We ain't all relentless killers.
  9. ^^^^^ THIS.....tell Mitchell. Kudos, meat in the freezer and a good neighbor.
  10. BEAR ......SAT MON TUE WED. I hope it keeps on snowing. Twirley birds left to night in the travelling kingdom. Headed North, more bear there. 3 half barrels check, fire wood check, portable central big outdoor stove check, Merican honey check. What could go wrong. I'll be tacking a long slow walk in the kingdom solo. Ya never know
  11. The farkin minutia of a gosh darn squirrel. WTF
  12. AGAM.......illustrate, expound, make chit up, whatever. How are u a christian, in the "north" ,discriminated against or see anti christian words that offend you or take away your rights. You keep bringing this up. I keep asking. Inquiring minds want to know.
  13. Tmac on the prowl in sartorial splender. AWESOME