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  1. Who is this guy.....hoping just a dolt off the street who didn't buy the bar a drink before he wanted to kick some ass in r bar. WTF . Or does he b a creature from the past with a new handle trying not very well to be relevant.
  2. Good choice for you.
  3. STF UP.....your an embarrassment.
  4. Stolen valor Davala......it fits. Thank Dinghy.
  5. Gotcha.....understand, but the difference in more power is negligible when it comes to a comfortable compound you know how to shoot and tote around at 30+ yards.....deadly. You still don't want to pull a shot and hit a shoulder joint with an xbow out to 50+ whatever. Just because an xbow has a bit more power and especially accuracy from a rest.....it ain't a howitzer kill every thing weapon. Each has it's place.
  6. Sounds like a lotta work for an "old guy" like you Tim. Keep on keepin on.
  7. True Story....when it was "real", orange sunshine, purple haze, window pane, Owsley, etc it was stellar. In it's true form it was ridiculously good......and then they some how lost the formula as to the real thing. It was friggin awesome. Pizza was ordered pizza was delivered. You had to be careful and be an informed consumer, but it was stellar if you knew what you were doing. When they lost the formula it just became chit. Thinking about micro dosing now on some stuff that survived the chit that was nonsense. Informed consumer here.
  8. Don't be mean. Empathize. And you never know who Jesus might be.
  9. I literally forgot how to fish.....THIS SUCKS, just sayin
  10. Gotcha......don't use it enough to kill chit even though I could. Next gen is probably mucho better for xbow per off hand like a compound. The fps thing per xbow and compond can be debated but that's another circle jerk.
  11. ANY THING..... PA ridge runner here. Summer DE.....small kings, blues, etc. Not my thing but keeps the kiddies entertained. Or....fish for sharks, and maybe a striper or an other strange species that might appear on big chuks and heads. Way different than Jouuuusy.
  12. I caught sharks in DE....nuttin to brag about. Bassttarrrd blues, really small where muckin with big baits, caught a dozen one day. Mon Tue Wed.....only place it ain't rainin on the east coast. Way cool. Mon.....8 to hold and then 8 sputnicks....hate those things. Tue...6 to hold those hurricane or clam digger things. Wed....5 I love Dewey.....had fun with Wifey
  13. Cept for that McCain thing.....bastard, chit on a patriot.
  14. This might leave a mark. Still think Tman is right on point a lot....makes for ribald convos.
  15. Religious oppression you spoke of, particularly "christen" oppression toward you and yours. I see this on the interwebs a lot lately. WE ARE OPPRESSED, DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. Do you think it is true and why ?