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  1. Have not posted for a while on this sight and thought better now than never. left in the morning around 430am to head up to marysville to try for some steelhead before it got too cold for my lazy ass to go up there. [img= got there just after sunrise and crossed the river n headed down stream from the all the locals] picked up the first fish of the day on a fox tail caddis pupa. nothing special but at least i wasn't going to have a skunk. We decided to move farther down and check out some fallen trees farther down and sure enough... [img= My buddy who brought me along for the day picked him right off the back of the log on a leggy stone fly. Amazing colors even for a hatchery fish.] this was weird, we caught a wild one that had this stitching in it. Anyone know what this about? dfg putting trackers or tags in the belly? Ended up being a good day till the sun came out around 1 and shut down the bite. Total was 4 steelhead(1 wild and 3 hatchery) for my buddy David. One trout and a snagged salmon(that was not fun) for me. All C&R
  2. That frog has shut the golf course in pacifica down every winter. It also moved into some land in half moon bay when it was flooded by the cities poor drainage system, I am pretty sure the owner of the sued the city since those frogs moved in and he couldn't use the land. I can see how the more urban stuff with the land and the golf course can be viewed as peoples fault, but the trout eating the frogs is a natural thing. I do not see why the trout fisheries should suffer.
  3. DFG News Release Fish Stocking Program Will Continue Following Court Order Nov. 21, 2008 Contact: Jordan Traverso, Office of Communications, (916) 654-9937 Bodies of Water that willbe stocked by DFG 11/24/2008 - 1/1/2010 SACRAMENTO - An order today signed by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Patrick Marlette will allow the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) to stock more waters than would have been allowed under his Nov. 6 tentative ruling. The order is a result of weeks of negotiation among DFG, and the Pacific Rivers Council and Center for Biological Diversity, along with their counsel Stanford Legal Clinic. "DFG fought hard in the negotiations to save its fish stocking programs," said DFG Director Donald Koch. "We are pleased that the order allows us to continue stocking in a number of areas where the communities depend on fishing." The order, with some exceptions, has a broad prohibition against DFG stocking "nonnative" fish in "any California fresh water body" where surveys have demonstrated the presence of 25 specified amphibian or fish species or where a survey for those species has not yet been done. The order does not address the stocking of native fish into native waters. The order lists exceptions to the prohibition regarding stocking nonnative fish, which include: Stocking in human-made reservoirs larger than 1000 acres. Stocking in human-made reservoirs less than 1000 acres that arenot connected to a river or stream, or are not within red legged frogcritical habitat or where red legged frogs are known to exist. Stocking as required as state or federal mitigation. Stocking for the purpose of enhancing salmon and steelhead populationsand funded by the Commercial Trollers Salmon Stamp. Stocking of steelhead from the Mad River Hatchery into the Mad RiverBasin. DFG's Aquarium in the Classroom program. Stocking actions to support scientific research. Stocking done pursuant to an existing private stocking permit orto be done under a new permit with terms similar to one that was issuedin the last four years. DFG is preparing a list of waters where stockingwill cease based on these parameters. It will be available on the DFG Web site early next week. In October 2006, Pacific Rivers Council and Center for Biological Diversity, represented by Stanford Law students, sued DFG over fish stocking programs it has engaged in for more than 100 years, claiming that no Environmental Impact Report (EIR) had been completed for the programs. The result of the case was a court order requiring DFG to complete an EIR. DFG is engaged in the years-long and multimillion dollar EIR process, now scheduled to be completed in January 2010. Due to delays in the EIR process, which involves combining the EIR with a federal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), on Friday, Nov. 7 Judge Marlette told the department to negotiate with the petitioners to seek an agreement on terms for how and where DFG may continue stocking fish during the time it is preparing the EIR/EIS.
  4. I have the 9ft. 7/8 GP series with a Bugati reel. It is great combo for the price.
  5. nice fish, great picture
  6. I'll take them if you can do paypal
  7. Emeryville Sport Fishing had all their boats in the bay today with 342 stripers to 18-pounds to go with 79 halibut to 21-pounds for a collection of 121 anglers on the New Huck Finn, New Seeker, C Gull II, Super Fish, New Salmon Queen and Captain Hook. The same six boats stayed in the bay yesterday for put in another 258 stripers to 22-pounds, 98 halibut to 22-pounds and 5 leopard shark to 25-pounds for 129 anglers. I wonder why there are no stripers anymore. They can't even make it out the gate.
  8. I have a quantum Cabo 30 pts for sale. Holds 270 of 14lb, asking 130 shipped. It is new in the box.
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  12. same here, need some money to pay off bills. Any other time I would trade you.
  13. price drop 150
  14. 1dozenraw - Sorry but i really can't go that low. Fishwithchris - it is a two piece and sorry no trades.
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