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  1. Try clear ammonia on a qtip, sponge/brush for the blood stains. If nogo, mix w/ a tsp of 3% peroxide, and H2O. DO NOT USE BLEACH...
  2. Bump Stezko needles reduced to $38 shipped
  3. Thank you. Pm to follow.
  4. Meet me at $43shipped pp? Stezko needles $41shipped
  5. Choopy Needles new in package, both 1.5oz Eel & Blackscales $50 shipped pp, uspo mo, check If check, will ship after check clears Selling as lot, no splits Stetzko Needles new in package Squid 2.5oz Herring 2.75oz $48 shipped pp, uspo mo, check If check, will ship after check clears ​Selling as lot, no splits
  6. * offer withdrawn Also have a LS69 5" 2oz in black NIP if interested
  7. X2 on guide but also check out Devil's Hole State Park, if by the falls area (its a long way down to the river...) Its on US side, along the Robert Moses Parkway which also has many wineries, apple and berry farms.
  8. Thank you. pm sent. Thx Sol.
  9. Sporting Wood/NorthBar Wood Bottle Yellow/White 3oz - New, never carried or thrown but minor damage, chip on lip(looks like only a paint chip) due to improper storage and/or nephew(as shown below). $30 shipped pp
  10. Ok pm sent. Thx
  11. I have new in package ls69 darter 6.5" 2.75oz white w pink sides $33 shipped
  12. Blue/silver is new in package Yellow Red/head has been carried twice, never thrown. $40 shipped?
  13. Bump to $45 shipped I have the packaging for the needles, Just taken out for pics.
  14. Bump $75 shipped Yes middle plug is another unobtanium lol
  15. 2 new never thrown nor carried 9" and 2 3/4oz signed stetzko needles $55 shipped paypal preferred No splits