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  1. It is mechanically sound....let me know when you can pick it up
  2. Boxing this for shipping would be time consuming & expensive even before shipping costs . I'd be asking more for the package to begin with were I to do that.
  3. OK. Big fish are in on the beach and a bump here for a price of $100. Any less than this I'd be giving it away free... pick up in Portsmouth NH
  4. Not to rush into your weekend - but newbie can meet me in Seabrook around 7:00 to pick up the rod Mon Tues or Wed next week. Pick a day - can you be there?

  5. What's your address/zip for shipping? 

  6. Marty - sorry but I hadn't considered shipping this to the west coast - just figured someone from Long Island or Mass  would buy it. UPS is telling me it will cost $18 or so to ship - and for something I originally hoped to sell locally - I'll be making $28 after wrapping & mailing. Not enough to make it worth my while.

    1. Marty mart

      Marty mart

      No worries.

  7. ok good.... where you at?
  8. ok. no movement on what I thought was a sale... it is still available
  9. How about a 1:00 meet up this Saturday in Seabrook?
  10. ok, newbie being first to offer full price the deal goes to him. Meet up at the rt 1 plaza off 107 from 95? zmkm are you still on for the lures?
  11. Hello - are you still interested in the aqua skinz bag?

  12. sorry but as I said - that's one I won't part with
  13. $150 yes. No corrosion - as said it's from the St Croix salmon steelhead collection. A misnomer because it's ideally suited for the striper fishing we do here. I have a 9' lighter version of this rod I would not part with for anything....
  14. a 9'-6" two piece rod - from their salmon/steelhead series - heavy power fast action - SC III graphite rated 1/2 - 2 oz lures - Avid AVS96HF2. List is $270 - a light rod and a delight for casting lures in that range. Reel is a Daiwa Advantage 3500A with new braid and all in very good condition. For $150 you won't find a sweeter rig any where. Pick up in Portsmouth NH only
  15. 12' 2 piece rod -Cabelas Salt Striker CSS-SS1205A - rated for 2-8 oz lures - and Shimano 4500B reel with new braid. Both in like new condition - also a large Plano tackle box & sand spike.... if you're thinking of a larger beach rod this is a great package for $130. Pick up in Portsmouth NH only