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  1. I’d like to offer $225/shipped.
  2. This is helpful information. I am not throwing large flies either... clousers,decievers # 2 or 3 mainly. I am leaning toward trying the echo beach 8wt... price is reasonable also.
  3. That is a good question. I want to start using an intermediate line this season. I was looking at a Douglas LRS switch rod (8 wt). I like the idea of their removable/replaceable butt section. Being versatile on the water for me is appealing. I might be able to carry a spare spool with a WF float line and a spool of WF intermediate. I am not fishing deep waters so I don’t think a true sink line is necessary, but an intermediate would get me in the strike zone more effectively. Again the Douglas switch LRS is something I am considering. I don’t want to cast Spey so I am not sure how these switch rods will cast overhand.
  4. A lot of great information to absorb here. Does anyone have any experience with Echo Beach Boost TH rod? Looks promising for me.
  5. Thanks for reply. I would be fishing mainly Jersey coast.
  6. Anyone have a recommendation on a decent 2 handed surf rod on the 8 wt. 11’ 4 pc. range that won’t break the bank? Thanks.
  7. I was wondering if anyone had insight on the new Moonshine Outcast saltwater rod. I have a drifter for freshwater and like it a lot. I would be using the Outcast for bay/estuaries and surf for stripers. Any recommendations? Thoughts?
  8. I just started fly fishing this year. My first rod was the St. Croix Mojo trout- 3 wt. /7 ft. I really like this rod a lot. Caught a bunch of 8-12” browns/bows in small streams all fall. Does a great job in tight, small stream fishing..,again highly recommend. That rod saw a ton of water time this fall and never failed me. Paired it with redington rise iii reel- love this set up.
  9. Looking for a Redington Rise 5/6 III Fly Reel- prefer Amber but will entertain another color. Obviously I want it in good working shape to fish.
  10. I am interested in purchasing a Moonshine Drifter 5wt/ 9 foot fly rod. Anyone have a good shape one they are looking to part with? Pics required.
  11. Yes that will be ok. PM details
  12. I am interested. I will take it for asking price 130 shipped.