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  1. Had a lot of fun fishing fort pond bay area in yak over the years. Steer clear of Shagwong on that new moon as the rip will set up heavy and can be calm when you head out and turn into a torrent. Another consideration out there that time of year, depending on temps, is fog. Lot’s of good exploring to do on the bay side. Beautiful paddling there. Feel free to pm.
  2. Yea on the triple guard. Basically blue marine grease. Should be a zerk somewhere.
  3. Been paddling one type of craft or other all over the island for over 30 years and I can think of no dumber place to be in a yak than the gut, especially when there is boat traffic and standing waves. Death wish.
  4. Not that it would have saved this vessel, but it’s a good reminder this time of year to re-check all of those below waterline valves, fittings and hoses with the fall run coming. Stuff breaks. Scary enough in August-that is a whole other game in May or November with water and air temps.
  5. If, on the other hand, that is pitting in the bare aluminum you definitely want to get after that.
  6. Definitely no. They make specific antifouling paint for aluminum outboards/outdrives. That is what you want. There are several brands. Interlux. Petit. Alumakote or something like that is another. Easy to find.
  7. I would paint it-get some self-etching primer and then get a can of paint from the manufacturer (usually not too much $$) to match or just come close with an enamel if not that picky. You don't want that skeg to start pitting.
  8. I was in a similar position on an 18 foot cc and started cutting. Wasn't done cutting until entire floor and stringers were out. As long as you do your research about glassing and products first it can be a good project, but definitely expect surprises and setbacks along the way if it is your first rodeo. Those sites you mentioned where guys restore boats can be a wealth of info. And if the original stringers are wood expect damage there too. The coated in epoxy thing only helps if they were never compromised anywhere. If they don't need work consider it a bonus. US Composites wound up being a great source of materials for my project, even with shipping costs.
  9. Even if the dealer assembled it, Venture could play ball. It's also a safety issue for other drivers to have unsafe trailers on road. Nothing tells you the health of the hubs better than heat-good idea to pull over and feel them every so often on a long haul. Dipping the hubs if they are cooking pretty much kills the bearings, especially if they are ingesting SW and then sitting for several hours. I used to trailer my 23 Seacraft on a venture back and forth 60 miles each way to mtk all the time. Lot's of mishaps. Most important lesson I learned was to always keep a packed hub wrapped in plastic in the truck. And a good jack and blocking. Quick fix when things go south.
  10. I re-did a mid-80's Steiger cc a few years ago. Fun (albeit long and dirty) project. Great little center console and I like the feeling of knowing what I am standing on. That being said, for ten grand you should be able to find something nice. My friend picked up an 18' edgewater with a good fourstroke in excellent shape for right in your pricerange. Can't buy time and all that time grinding and glassing could be fishing time with the kids.
  11. Excellent. Thanks
  12. One more price drop. 125 shipped.
  13. Bump for price drop to 135.
  14. Seems like there is some interest in these here lately. This reel has never been spooled. Been on shelf in basement. Had as a spare. Box/tool/bag included. 145 shipped. Not interested in trades. Thanks.
  15. Pretty sure ROS are custom DE style boats built up in RI. I remember admiring the lines of them years ago when I settled on an old potter seacraft, which definitely wasn't settling! they have a rep as being solid hulls.