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    aka Salmo trutta on tidal fish. Born in Canada, raised in Maryland.
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    Striper and steelhead fishing.
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    Environmental Scientist
  1. What restaurant? To taste it done properly and maybe learn how to do it, that's well worth it to me. It's $25 for just about anything on just about any sit down menu now a days. Might as well be a fish that we can easily catch. Although sometimes I have trouble finding them. I'm sure the skate is often cow nose ray, not Atlantic skate but who knows. I read some statistic that as much as 50 -80% of the fish you order is not actually that fish. I visited a few ethnic grocery stores over the weekend. They were jam packed with people. Parking was suicide. There were almost fights in the "parking lot. This place was called "Great Wall" or GW. They have an impressive fresh fish display including live fish. Like live carp, channel catfish, live tilapia, hybrid white bass sold as "rockfish" and even live largemouth bass sold as "farmed bass". Plus live soft shell turtles, live bull frogs... you get the idea. They were all out of tautog or sold as black fish but they wanted $16.99 a pound for them where I usually see it for as much as $8.99. The flounder sold as fluke was only 3.99 a pound and so was the carp. Actually I think the carp was more. Plus everyone I saw order fresh fish were buying carp. The guys behind the counter would net them from the tank, wrestle with the fish for a few minutes and then smack it with a giant plastic sledge hammer, repeatedly. It was hilarious. The things just wouldn't die and would go flying across the floor when they hit them. Great place to get fresh bait like Boston mackerel, sometimes even hickory shad sold as "roe shad" or cob mullet. Plus sea clams for $1 a pound. They were still alive too. The only fish that looked like it had been sitting out for way too long was MD tagged striped bass that were all less than 24 inches. They looked rancid. Gray gill filaments, soft bellies where your finger could poke through. That was going for around $7 a pound. Oh, we also drove by a sport authority and it had like ten cars in the lot. But the Asian grocery stores were rocking. Always an interesting experience.
  2. I've seen the /800 formula work incredibly well for steelhead, salmon, cobia, stripers, red fish.... Keeps the bs out of it.
  3. What is a good cart for walking a far distance in the sand?
  4. It was a late start all over the place, including the rivers. But that said things were right on schedule just days later. It will nose dive in June. Memorial Day is a week earlier this year. But I still think like most years this past weekend saw the peak. There are still a few fish being trolled up in the Chesapeake but compared to a week ago the numbers are down probably 70 or 80%. The time is now, not next week.
  5. They wash and scale the bunker at KI. I want fresh slime, can't get that at KI????
  6. Going back to the guy that caught a fish that had his bunker heads in their stomach.... How sure are you that those were yours? Makes me want to chum and chunk the surf more. Anyone do that?
  7. There is beach replenishment on much of oc that suffocates the invertebrates thus killing the food chain. That being said, I have done better in oc than ai but not as well as DE . The trick is finding the beach structure, something different than the norm. Also, why is LBi so better than AC beaches? Same reason?
  8. I'm making a trip to AC with my wife this weekend. It's mostly our alone time weekend but I'm still going to try and sneak in some fishing. She knows I'm hopelessly addicted and may get a few hours at first light. I'm from Md so any recommendations on good places to eat, stay, fish, would be great. I could share info on the Susquehanna flats or Potomac and Chesapeake if interested. Thanks
  9. Is it common to have that many puppy drum that far in the bay? Thats very impressive.
  10. I'd in current from a boat cutting the lower jaw held or you could hog ring it closed.
  11. Its definitely not over.
  12. I go bigger. Like 2 baits per fish. Waste the tail.
  13. Got a few shorts and a 35" mid oc today. I spent a great deal of time this weekend scouting the beach from IRI to oc inlet and have to say ocean city beaches look the best as for structure. I had fresh bunker from ki but everything came on clams, even twice frozen clam.
  14. The last time we had a sustained east wind for several days in early May was two years ago that sent the mother load of stripers into IRI. But I think the timing is a little off. Everything was a week or two late this year. I fish the bay and tributaries very very hard in March and April for the striped bass. Both from shore and boats where legal. The susky flats was a complete bust for the most part. THings got interesting later in April and was hopping really well when they closed it on May 3 or was it 4th. But the Potomac River (the whole river remains open to catch and release for striped bass) has been excellent this year and is still going strong for large migrant fish. Many charter boat captains are still getting pre spawn trophys out of Solomons. But this is the week they high tail it out of there and hit the coast hard. Did the east wind happen just in time? If only it would keep up a few more days. Hopefully Things will get very interesting all over Delmarva Coast by the weekend. WE shall see.