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  1. yeah....I lean left once in a while too....just don't get to close to me.
  2. Dems founded the what's new. Hey Dog's in black face.
  3. Absolutely....any machine can be made to operate at high tolerance levels in the hands of an expert....OMO.
  4. Sounds like one stoning too much.....had Behlert do a trigger job on a Model 19 for me years double action it's smooth like butter, in single action, don't breath on the trigger.
  5. Well Brian, whish I could tell ya what I really think of your socialist comments and ideas but Tim would toss me in a heartbeat.......done.
  6. I agree on the Colts......wouldn't own a Series 80 if ya gave it to me....and no FP block for me either / never. All my Series 70's are from '72 to '75 with a 1918 thrown in. Back then, it wasn't a 45 unless it had a Horse on it, today there are so many model's to choose from ya need to do your research. Most of my accessories, Bo-mar, Behlert, King Custom are now gone but were / are the state of the art workmanship even by today's standards. That's one reason I would look at pre-owned Series 70's in top notch condition and not new....other than that the Springers are affordable......good luck with her, inspect and keep her clean.
  7. The longer this goes on the dumber this corrupt JO looks................OMO.
  8. Looks like he ran into one of the "Goodfellas".....
  9. Political stunt.......or maybe they wanted his Goosie coat.
  10. RIA were cast frames and slides.......maybe they have improved their design....along with their MIM / metal injected molded internal parts....the reason why their price point was so competitive. Was it the price that attracted you to RIA..?
  11. Again....RIA....price is right, because you get what you pay for ....cast frame & slide, you can see inclusions sometimes with a mag. glass unlike other mfg. machined from solid steel billet, MIM parts instead of machined.., same deal......wouldn't be for me...OMO.
  12. long as it leaves the muzzle at +800/fps your ok.....sorry, but never had any luck with 3.5" Bbl. 1911's.....springs. Smallest I'd go in a 1911 is 4.25 Commander length....OMO.