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  4. That is about the funniest thing I have ever read on SOL. Makes me home sick, I miss LI . There hasn't been a secret spot on the east coast since Al Gore invented the internet. The closest you get is private or limited access and anywhere that it takes a little effort to fish, chasers don't like to walk . Think about this it could be worse, at least you don't have a report section in your regional forum. Catch up the cows and send em down this way soon, happy hunting. Dlmrvstriper
  5. Learned to bucktail as a kid on LI (well N of Cape May), best skill I ever acquired. Been catching fish on them from MA to FL ever since, including Cape May. The most versatile lure around bar none IMHO. Tim got it right, in todays fast food, I want it now, and I want it easy world bucktailing is becoming a lost art. It's a shad thing these days and I rarely ever see anyone but the fishermen that have been around since before the recovery throwing bucks, it's a shame. Bucktails, don't leave home without 'em. Dlmrvstriper
  6. Check out the back, lotta bait back there . Dlmrvstriper
  7. Residents in the back, few and far between, whats here is starting to feed, there just isn't much around. Lots of bluefish 2-5 lb. avg., a couple to 8 or 9, some schoolies, and the occasional griller. Last week, the new moon and the over night storms made for some interesting fishing . Last night, not so much, handful of blues and a solitary 27 incher. Water is still warm, I think it's gonna be another rockcember or rockuary . Dlmrvstriper
  8. Daylight poppin' on the mullet run , nice. One of my favorite things to do this time of year . Dlmrvstriper
  9. Derrick, Do a search for Alberto's knot, the only knot that I've never had fail on a braid to mono connection. It's a pain in the you know what to get right, but it works, make sure to tighten it down well. Dlmrvstriper
  10. There really isn't an easy answer to that question. As far as to throw plugs, I'd say yes, but than again that is always the answer for me. I don't particularly enjoy bait fishing for anything I can catch on a lure. In my general purpose plug bag I keep a number of things that will catch fish pretty much anywhere, including DE. Start with a few weights of tins within the weight range of your rod, thin profile and wide profile. Next, white and black bucktails 1 -2 oz. and trailers, curly tails and/or pork rind. Bottle plugs @ 2 oz., mid size have yellow, white, and black. Metal lip dannys, same size and colors as the bottle. Little neck poppers, 2 3/8 oz. have yellow, white, and blue (this is the go to right now, mullet ). Pencil poppers, @2 oz. have yellow and white, I like red head white too. You can throw in some bombers, rebels, redfins, etc. I don't use them much but by no means does that mean they don't catch. This should be more than enough to hook up whatever is swimming around. There are also many more lures that will produce, this is just a sampling of a non-targeted bag that I use on DE beaches. Almost forgot, throw some rubber in there, maybe some gulp. Good luck! Dlmrvstriper
  11. ^^^^ especially this time of year. Dlmrvstriper
  12. That's a loaded question, the correct answer depends on where you are fishing and at what time of year. The answers will change with locations and seasons. Dlmrvstriper
  13. This is all very amusing in a sad way. Did the tackle shop kill the sharks? No, the anglers did. The tackle shop just posted them on the internet for everyone to see. We don't need to measure the fish at the tackle shop, they do a fine job of posting the illegal sizes on their own. That is until I informed them via e-mail and the measurements disappeared but the pictures remain. So, I ask again to all of their supporters, by their own length caption the Sandbar is ILLEGAL at 50". Does the removal of the caption magically make the shark legal? If they are an ethical business than the picture of the illegal shark would be removed, not just the caption identifying it as such. It is a matter of personal responsibility for every angler to know the regulations where they are fishing. As with any other law, ignorance is not an excuse for breaking them. If you don't know than don't kill it, take a pic and let it go, pretty simple. I don't have a problem with anyone killing and eating legal fish, the point is that these sharks are NOT legal. A responsible tackle shop would know enough about the regulations to know this and politely inform their customers of the regulations. They would not post the pictures on the internet and then keep them there knowing that they are illegal while removing the information that identifies them as such. Dlmrvstriper
  14. Something bigger had his way with that one. Either the cause of death or post-mortum . Don't think it was left there, good eats, almost as good as Mako, or better depending on the opinion. Looks legal, 7' measurement to the fork would be, or to the tip of the tail, maybe not? Wouldn't mind hooking that one either way . Dlmrvstriper
  15. What John Said them things, no better fight from the surf this side of a Tarpon. Dlmrvstriper