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  1. 1. A MetroCowboy 2. riding bit@h on a motorcycle What's this country coming to
  2. Ever Beachmaster I owned swam sideways. Choopy needle's finish flaked off as soon as they hit the salt water. AfterHours and RI Popper's plugs have held up over time and are good values for hand made plugs.
  3. Cuzzin seems to have a hankering for vanilla puddin
  4. annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd If we can, choom choom, Spread it there I'll have Al preach it, choom choom, On the air, 'Cause heeeee's got my back, uh yea, ummmmmmm yeaaaaaaaaaaa, uhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaa
  5. If she wants to marry it, can she? This is the 21st century after all. Would it be incest?
  6. Is she talking about a chicken like it's her child?
  7. My guess is it was the night janitor opening up one of the tubes and getting even.
  8. A respectfully displayed Russian bend over and pucker salute to the American homosexual delegation Barry sent.
  9. Santa is definately white, you know black folk don't do cold.
  10. Jerome Danger? Wait...was it a male stripper? Maybe he is the target of a Chicago style smear campaign?
  11. Speaking of epic! Epic smackdown there Ralph, you even used a big word. But you never got around to explaining what was racist in my post. And the wader thing...just, just, just manly. Straight up macho. I'm sure wherever I've been, you were there first. Whatever I've done, you did it sooner and better. Any fish I've caught, you've caught better. And the street talk...y'alls and all...just special and hip for a gnarly, old, been around the block dude. Now put away that worn out keyboard, because I'm sure you've worn out a few of them on your way to the lofty Waaaaay Too Many SOL achievement, and have the Missus change your Depends so you can take a nap.
  12. Oh highly evolved ones…care to tell me what was so racist about my politically incorrect call-out of the incompetent handling of the Syrian mess ? (*edited - if your point has any relevance in the world, you can make it without the racial insults - thanks. TimS)
  13. WOW what a good cop bad cop team: NigrObama and Lurch. Together they totally scared the living pea eye double ess outta them Serbs and Rooskies so all they had left to do was cave.
  14. Now that the Syrian military's best weapons, and their Pres, are in Iran (since the Genius in the White House gave them sooooo much warning) the UN can keep them from returning. Well, maybe not their Pres and his family, but those weapons. Whddaya think? That’ll make Israel feel a bit safer so they’ll stop whining for a little while since they'll feel less threatened. Then Instead of shooting a $2.5M missile or two at Syria, spend the same money and send medical supplies to the Israeli hospitals that are treating the injured Syrians. The US looks like a peace maker to those goat-effing A-rabs and the US (and SOL) hippies are quiet for a while.
  15. And Dr. Ben Carson's