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  1. That is why it is known as the Redneck Riviera.
  2. Yup the cow fart police conveniently forget about the 60+ million bison that used to roam the great plains, but conveniently went to Canada when they had to fart!?! Guess that didn't fit their paradigm, so we get out our revisionist history books printed.
  3. I will take 1 for $27.00 PM me for PP info please.
  4. V-ONE end of story.
  5. Madden stimulation needs a software revision!
  6. Yup the sad thing is that nowadays that is considered entertainment????????
  7. McCallan, Buffalo Trace.
  8. Prayers and good wishes coming his way!
  9. Judging from the nearness of the Nuke cooling tower in the background, ya might want to check the dosimeter readings on those ducks before ya eat any. Pretty picture though.
  10. Hurry up before they put the departure tax on when you sell your house, like NJ.
  11. Immensely rewarding to know he will be a member of that long grey line soon!!
  12. Who dat gonna beat dem Saints? The Refs!!
  13. Fix It Again Tony still applies, disco mania nonwithstanding
  14. Did you specifically specify this in writing when you shipped the reel to them?? If not you are in the coulda woulda shoulda area of self infliction.
  15. Yup 20 - 25 cups a day for a submariner used to be average bout 50 - 60 years ago. Currently do 10 - 12 cups/day of Starbucks Italian Roast.