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  1. Mebbe, but believe me there were some great 1950s, 1960s and 1970s that were part of the 'history of NJ striped bass fishing. IMHO
  2. Just add an electron or two to lead atoms and the job is golden.
  3. My SIL still says this year will be it (same as last 9 years)
  4. Maybe they will call it the EVette???
  5. Yeah Lee Iacocca admitted that when the Mustang went from a coupe at $2600-$2800 bucks to four doors and vinyl tops they moved away from the market.
  6. Yes but I remember when a Ford Mustang engine first won at Indianapolis and British race car driver, Sterling Moss was interviewed after the race and asked his opinion of American Muscle Cars. Then his answer was "blistering acceleration, and precious little else". I suppose that over the years Corvettes have improved, but not to the point of being a soccer Mom's daily driver??
  7. Best wishes to y'all. We will celebrate our 61st on 1/6/23.
  8. 4 mg is a normal dose. it should help with the pain, if not they might go to 5 mg total. FWIW IMHO.
  9. As a former DOD Fed, schedules are used for knowledge of inadequate planning resulting from a "POA&M" (Plan Of Action & Milestones).
  10. People will resist opression regardless of being young or educated.
  11. Sorry, not familiar with those boys.
  12. Nascar an organization where success is gained by always turning left and mashing down on the foot feed?? To each his own?
  13. Actually it IS Football, because in American Football if you touch the ball with your foot you get a penalty, wherein in World Football if you touch the ball with your hand you get a penalty
  14. Agree with a Twitter Reorg, the charge the subscribers more. Willing to bet Peter Thiel is involved in grand plan??
  15. Wonder how much of his cash is actually in the Twitter buy??? I think he will go into bankruptcy reorg letting lenders decide if they want some of it or none of it to survive. If Twitter goes under they will lose more than he will??