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    fishing, crabbing, swimming, golf (nineteenth hole Wizard)
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    Retired. Putz around Delaware Bay and the Ocean

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  1. Yup I would but then I live there. Basically it is the same reason to visit a casino on Thanksgiving as usually only people there are Asians because Thanksgiving is an American holiday. So yes there will be less people on the beach wetting a line or drowning bait during the holidays.
  2. IMHO return to LL Beans.
  3. I found the best way for me to quit cold turkey was to let my alligator mouth override my humming bird ass. Such as once co-workers knew I was in process of quitting they would ask me, "would it bother you if we smoke in the office"? My reply would be, "of course not, if you need a crutch, by all means smoke". One of my favorite jokes bout smoking goes like this. Do you smoke after sex? I don't know, I never looked. Quit in 1985 and even today would like to light up a good cigar, but don't knowing I would be right back off the wagon after the first cigar. For those in the process of quitting, use your will power, it is the strongest force you have and remember the advice of Yoda, "do or do not there is no try". Best regards to all for a merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays for nonchristians, and a very prosperous New Year, to all.
  4. I prefer the Mitchell 498, 496 PUMs and 488, 486.
  5. Would rather see that money help our poorer citizens, as in Americans first, sand pumping last.
  6. Whatever the market will bear, and they set the market!
  7. It is the birth not the death of that particular Jew in the cradle, that is the cause for celebration.
  8. So with all those federal reserve bills lying on that New Jersey highway free for the taking, how many do you think were turned in?? Or was this a new Pickup a Buck holiday game?
  9. Same as if you mount a pistol grip and a shortened barrel to an AR-15 the ATF will classify it as a pistol instead of an assault weapon. Problem is one cannot describe to legally outlaw what at the time of drafting legislation that which does not exist, but sure as hell after the law is passed some enterprising soul will devise a work around, like a Teflon pistol to beat the TSA x-ray. I like to call that human ingenuity, that is finding a need and filling it. I often wonder why claw hammers haven't been outlawed once used as a murder weapon, or ice picks too for that matter. Weren't an eyeglass frame used to kill one of Don Corleone's enemies????
  10. Back in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s before the advent of miracle fabrics the commercial fisherman's wife would knit a pair of half again oversize mittens out of the wool that Shetland sweaters are made of. Then the mittens were placed in the bilge along the keel where there was always a couple inches of fish slime for about 5-7 days. After that the mittens were placed on the engine exhaust manifold until they shrunk to fit. Once shrunk on fishing days, while the engine was warming up on cold or freezing days a bucket was filled with cold sea water and the mittens placed in the bucket until they were soaked. Then the mittens were worn soaking wet with the wearer slapping his hands palm to palm for 5-10 minutes to get the blood going. Then the mittens were never removed for the full days fishing and the hands stayed warm. Many an old time fisherman soon learned that the heavy woolen pants they wore became wet from sea mist or dousing they were wind proof and much warmer than when worn dry. Never tried this method with fingered woolen gloves. Eskimos have the answer for cold water fishing, as do Labrador fishermen.
  11. My great Uncle George was 97 when he died in 1956. My mother often tried to get him to install indoor toilet when he was in his 80s and he steadfastly refused as he said to my mother, "Hope, why in the world would anyone in their right mind want to defecate in their own home is beyond me".
  12. During the constitutional convention at Philadelphia the 'issue of slavery' was do the slaves count as people, or do they count as property? The 3/5s compromise effectively tabled the issue.
  13. Ya forgot, "go ahead, make my day".
  14. Ya forgot, "go ahead, make my day".