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  1. Yes once paid off you can do it again.
  2. Is the 710z spool gold?
  3. Here's my do it to it cleaner: 1 gallon water 1/4 cup simple green 2/3 cup TSP Use with a soft bristle brush and when finished send me the $7 per gallon you saved over the store bought stuff.
  4. It has NEVER been about equal much less fairness.
  5. Have had some success with calico crabs too.
  6. Attorney fees will get the lions' share of any settlement money.
  7. Breaker Morant from Murray State puts on a basketball clinic for Marquette and the bracket selection committee. WOW!!
  8. A stiff necked person is one who is stubborn, untractable or one not to be led.
  9. Yes while realizing that Jesus was born into a group of "stiff necked people", and that after the revelation most of the Apostles could not agree on much and did not live happily ever after.
  10. Yeah found that out when I was living in SC from 2005 - 2014. Evidently Strom had a black child which he supported and paid for her education also.
  11. Only one better was finding out Al Sharpton and J. Strom Thurmond had a common Grand Pappy!!
  12. From your lips to God's ear!
  13. We are too.
  14. Wife's cousin got married at the Brown Trout inn outside Coleraine couple years back. They had pictures of the inn labelled 'before the bomb' and 'after the bomb'. No one got hurt . Believe it or not, the wedding meal was roast turkey with tons of colcannon.