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  1. Yup it would appear that Bruce has a slipped Discus.
  2. Good fences (defining borders) make good neighbors.
  3. I remember a Thanksgiving Day parade in Manhattan with the crowd chanting "Rudy, Rudy", some years ago. And now he is facing the reality that "all glory is fleeting". What a shame.
  4. BY devaluating the US greenback dollar bill!
  5. AMEN on that. It is getting so bad that the only thing lower than a politician is a child molester, and they ALL lie.
  6. Isn't it 'clowns to the left', 'jokers to the right'???
  7. Hell no. If people can't take the heat they should quit politics.
  8. Reagan was correct in his tax and spend label.
  9. Put me with Ben Franklin as in birds of a feather flock together. I tend to agree with that other Uncle Tom, Thomas Sowell.
  10. DJT's thinking was that if you eliminated all the illegal aliens from BHO's inauguration crowd, then his crowd was larger??
  11. Medical question. If one can have blood in their urine is it also possible to have urine in your blood??
  12. Like your location, but being born & raised in Cape May, anything south of that gets you a wet derrière.

  13. “I’m going to fix immigration on Day1, Period.”, Joey the mask.
  14. Baghdad Bob?
  15. You should hit your hazard flashers then brake down to the speed limit.