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    fishing, crabbing, swimming, golf (nineteenth hole Wizard)
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  1. Great to hear reports from area where I grew up. Thanx guys.
  2. Age old question, "how old do you have to be to retire"? Answer, retirement is not a function of age, it is a function of money. Enjoy yourself door gunner and God bless.
  3. To some a leap of faith might be questionable?
  4. yeah most of us don't realize that time is our only non renewable asset.
  5. Have to change to NK, Chicom killer?
  6. You will never sell that to the commercials
  7. During such trying times it is difficult to remember that God never gives us a situation we cannot handle. Thoughts and prayers coming her way and may God bless you and your family.
  8. Yo but where did the mommy and daddy eels come from?
  9. Never saw a long distance runner with a smile?? Consider that the fastest cats like cheetahs only stretch
  10. Will be 81 0n June 21.
  11. Yeah just like “you can keep your doctor”, and NSA saying they were not spying on citizens.
  12. Yeah no rec whelk fishery, nor oysters in DE, only commercial.
  13. Best way to keep from being bitten is to throw the pooch a treat.
  14. Hell he prolly has a satellite phone!
  15. This is off topic, but "can we trust our government? Why of course we can just ask any American Indian".