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  1. Where abouts are you located?
  2. Sound good. Just sent a PM
  3. I'll respectfully offer $30.
  4. Cleavers, 18th & Chestnut bonus, nice little bar in the back
  5. Try a retractable dog leash and a sash weight (from an old window). Cheap, easy and it works.
  6. I'll take Cabelas casting travel rod.
  7. If you're staying on stock island you have Cow Key channel there (separates stock island from key west). Look up key west kayak fishing on youtube, Steve is a great guy with lots of good info. and fishes that whole area.
  8. Great guanya cay. Small island, dirt road runs across it. You either get around by walking, golf cart or boat. There some nice houses you can rent and there is a very small motel. There is also a very cool bar called Nippers ( it has a website). There is some very good wade fishing ( barracuda and bones) if you grab a boat there is some great structure right off the beach (reefs and rocks) you can catch grouper, mackerel and whatever else maybe swimming by.
  9. What's next, the spiny dogfish!
  10. I will get in line. I forgot about this but I am interested.
  11. What town are you located.
  12. It would be great invention to have a ultra small GPS unit. You could "chip" your gear and then be able to track it or better yet the manufacturers could do it and give you the credentials when the gear is registered.
  13. Just static mag it. YouTube it. It's pretty simple
  14. Where are you located?