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  1. Easter Island, with the rest of the big heads.
  2. C'mere, porcupine!
  3. I saw Belew with Talking Heads on the Remain in Light tour, then a few times with the re-formed King Crimson (Fripp, Buford, Levin, Belew) and then solo, right after Lone Rhino. Probably all within a couple years... So, yeah.
  4. Ahh cha cha!
  5. Friendly. Nice.
  6. Bluebirds fly... What a great song.
  7. Don't miss the bus, or you'll end up underneath it.
  8. Some people are made of plastic And you know some people are made of wood Some people have hearts of stone Some people are up to no good
  9. Some people...should die. It's just unconscious knowledge. Right, Sparky?
  10. Count on it.
  11. He is soooooooo very ****ed.