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  1. More than a bit. My deepest condolences to you and yours, Frank.
  2. Gotta wait until “White Rabbit” peaks.
  3. RIP, Buddy. the best of the BF ****.
  4. She’s throwing the punch as soon as you get out the “do you like country dick...?”
  5. Mr. Loots!!!
  6. long time C&W fan here, started listening seriously back in ‘76. Had an AM car radio that went back and forth between Country outta Hartford and reggae/soca from WLIB in Brooklyn. Both genres work within a formula, with the great ones capable of bending and re-creating the formula. ...was looking through some old scrapbooks last night, coincidentally, and came across a ticket stub for a George Jones, Johnny Cash double bill.
  7. Never apologize, it makes you look weak.
  8. He’s not??
  9. Many happy, painstaking hours putting on the Jolson and Crosby heads... time well spent!
  10. We got us a convoy. Pig Pen, this here’s the Rubber Duck, I’m about to put the hammer down.
  11. Needs some bouzouki, for The Greek.