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  1. With a knife held in his teeth.
  2. 20 would kill for the Oompa Loompa pants.
  3. The British debtor class clearly brought their teef with them to New South Wales.
  4. Some world-class dentition on display in that documentary.
  5. Alvarez/Yairi are beautiful guitars, sorta unsung and therefore still affordable, despite their high quality. You have something nice there, well worth the effort - and from the looks of it, minor expense - to get it set up properly (with nylon strings.) Merry Christmas!
  6. This IS the thinking man's forum.
  8. I think the last time I was similarly repulsed was when I tried durian fruit, but that was more about the fermented gym sock smell than the taste and texture. Oh, and that same night we also dipped into some squid roll up. Think "fruit roll up," but made outta dried squid. Still a whole lot better than that so-called pizza.
  9. I start every day with, among other things, a raw egg drizzled with hot sauce. You need to toughen up.
  10. ****in disgusting. Someone bought a bunch of that **** for a company event, replete with fake "cheese" - it was the foulest thing I've had in my mouth in years, I spit it out into a napkin and threw the rest of the slice away. Awful.
  11. As has already been stated, putting steel strings on a guitar designed for nylon or gut strings is problematic: 1. No truss bar, the neck will bow. 2. Soundboard bracing/bridge aren't designed to withstand the magnitudes greater stress. And, 3., YOU'LL POKE YOUR EYE OUT, KID!
  12. **** the shovel, give 'im the GAFF.
  13. The lard is a must - it's what gives it that combination of flakiness and chewiness, comparable to a good pie crust. Plus, the prosciutto...cheese...black pepper...